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Stephen W. Thomas, Interim Dean, 302-C Belk Building


Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to the School of Allied Health Sciences. Students applying for admission to the professional programs of this school must have completed the application process as specified by the departments prior to the date set by the respective departments. Inquiries should be directed to the chairperson of the individual departments, School of Allied Health Sciences.


The School of Allied Health Sciences offers BS degree programs in clinical laboratory science, health information management, occupational therapy, physician assistant, rehabilitation services, and speech and hearing sciences; minors in alcohol and drug studies and in sign language studies/pre-interpreter preparation; a MS in rehabilitation counseling, occupational therapy, vocational evaluation, speech-language and auditory pathology, and substance abuse counseling; a MPT in physical therapy; and a PhD in communication sciences and disorders. (See graduate catalog for graduate degrees.)


Kevin O’Brien, Acting Chairperson, 312-G Belk Building


Susan T. Smith, Chairperson, 308 Belk Building


A minimum 2.0 GPA in all biology and chemistry courses is required for admission into the professional phase of the curriculum.  Majors must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA. in all clinical laboratory science (CLSC) courses during the professional phase of the curriculum. A student earning a D in any of these courses must petition the Department of Clinical Laboratory Science for probationary continuation.  Minimum degree requirement is 131 s.h. of credit as follows:

General education requirements (See Section 6, Undergraduate Studies, Requirements for Baccalaureate Degree Programs), including those listed below 
CHEM 1150, 1151. General Chemistry and Laboratory (3,1) (F,S,SS) (GE:SC) (P: Chemistry placement test or passing grade in CHEM 0150; P/C: MATH 1065)
CHEM 1160, 1161. General Chemistry and Laboratory II (3,1) (F,S,SS) (GE:SC) (P: CHEM 1150, 1151; RC: MATH 1075 or 1085)
MATH 1065. College Algebra (3) (F,S,SS) (GE:MA) (P: Appropriate score on mathematics placement test)
PSYC 1000. Introductory Psychology (3) (F,S,SS) (GE:SO)
PSYC 2101. Psychological Statistics (4) (F,S,SS) (GE:SO) (P: MATH 1065 or equivalent or MATH 2127)
42 s.h.
CLSC 3410. Hematology I (3) (F) (P: CLSC major)
CLSC 3411. Hematology Laboratory (1) (F) (P: CLSC major; C: CLSC 3410)
CLSC 3420. Hematology II (3) (S) (P: CLSC major; CLSC 3410, 3411; or consent of instructor)
CLSC 3421. Hematology II Laboratory (1) (S) (P: CLSC major; CLSC 3410, 3411; or consent of instructor)
CLSC 3430 Clinical Immunology (2) (F) (P: Consent of instructor)
CLSC 3440, 3441 Clinical Microscopy and Serology Lecture and Laboratory (2,1) (SS) (P: CLSC 3430)
CLSC 4210, 4211. Immunohematology Lecture and Laboratory (3,1) (SS) (P: CLSC 3430; consent of instructor)
CLSC 4430, 4431. Clinical Chemistry I (2,1) (F) (P: 4 courses in CHEM; PSYC 2101 or other statistics course; consent of instructor for nonmajors)
CLSC 4440, 4441 Clinical Chemistry II (4,2) (S) (P: CLSC 4430, 4431; P for nonmajor: consent of instructor)
CLSC 4460, 4461. Clinical Microbiology I (4,2) (F) (P: BIOL 2110, 2111; or 3220, 3221; or consent of instructor)
CLSC 4470, 4471. Clinical Microbiology II (3,2) (S) (P: CLSC 4460, 4461; or consent of instructor)
CLSC 4480, 4481. Clinical Microbiology III (2,1) (SS) (P: Consent of instructor)
CLSC 4801, 4802. Professional Practice Issues I, II (4,4) (WI,WI) (F,S) (P : CLSC major)
CLSC 4803. Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Information Systems (3) (S) (P: CLSC major or consent of instructor)
**CLSC 4992. Clinical Education–Hematology, Coagulation, Urinalysis (4) (F,S) (P: CLSC 3120, 3121; consent of instructor)
**CLSC 4993. Clinical Education–Chemistry (4) (F,S) (P: CLSC 4540, 4541)
**CLSC 4994. Clinical Education–Blood Bank and Serology (4) (F,S) (P: CLSC 4210, 4211)
**CLSC 4997. Clinical Education–Microbiology (4) (F,S) (P: CLSC 4560, 4561)
67 s.h.
BIOL 1100, 1101. Principles of Biology I (4,0) (F,S,SS) (GE:SC)
BIOL 2110, 2111. Fundamentals of Microbiology (4,0) (F,S) (P: 4 s.h. in BIOL ; 8 s.h. in CHEM)
BIOL 2130. Survey of Human Physiology and Anatomy (4) (F,S,SS) (P: BIOL 1050, 1051 ; or 1100, 1101)
CHEM 2250, 2251. Quantitative and Instrumental Analysis (3,2) (WI) (F,S) (P: CHEM 1160, 1161 ; organic CHEM course)
CHEM 2650, 2651. Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences (4,1) (F) (P: CHEM 1160, 1161)
22 s.h.

*Students must complete CLSC 4300, 4302 to satisfy the 3 s.h. requirement of writing intensive courses in the major.

**Affiliated hospitals for CLSC 4992, 4993, 4994, 4997 include Craven Regional Medical Center, New Bern;  Nash Health Care System, Rocky Mount; and Pitt County Memorial Hospital, Greenville.

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