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ECSLP Course Offerings

The courses are chosen based upon available high school courses and NC WISE standards. Emerging Academic Initiatives matched an ECU faculty member to each chosen course.

Fall 2014 & Spring 2015

ITEC 2000. Industrial Technology Applications of Computer Systems (3)
Technical and managerial aspects of computer applications and information technology in industry and engineering areas.

ANTH 1000. Introduction to Anthropology (3)
Anthropological studies of human culture.

SOCI 2110. Introduction to Sociology (3)
Nature, concepts, and principles of sociology. Society, culture, socialization, groups, institutions and organizations, class system, social change, and social processes.

BITE 4700. Web Site Design and Maintenance (3)
Advanced course in the use of specialized software and microcomputer applications to produce web pages and administer web sites.

BITE 4390. Consumer Financial Management (3) (WI)
Credit management, consumer economics, personal finance, money and banking, risk management, and small business management.

PSYC 1000. Introductory Psychology (3)
May receive credit for one of PSYC 1000, 1060. General survey of fundamental principles underlying human behavior. Introduction, learning, memory, development, physiological, motivation, social and abnormal behavior, and one or two additional topics as time permits.

BIOL 1050. General Biology (3)
May not count toward BIOL major or minor. Molecular basis of biology, bioenergetics, control systems, reproduction and development, genetics, diversity, evolution, communication, and behavior ecosystems.

HIST 1050 American History to 1877
History of US from discovery of America in 1492 to end of Reconstruction.

HIST 1051 American History From 1877
History of the subject matter of American History Since 1877 in provincial, national and global contexts.

HIST 1031 World History
World civilizations since 1500 and their economic, social, cultural, and political development.

MATH 2283. Statistics for Business (3)
Sampling and probability distributions, measures of central tendency and dispersion, hypothesis testing, Chi-square, and regression.

MATH 1065 College Algebra
Topics include linear equations, quadratic equations, systems of linear equations, inequalities, circles, variation, functions, graphs, exponential and logarithmic functions, and equations.

PHYS 1050 Physics and the Environment
Basic principles of physics and their uses and consequences in the world and our lives.

PHYS 1250 General Physics
Basic principles of physics, including mechanics, heat thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, light, wave motion, and modern developments in physics.

SPAN 1001 Spanish Level |
Focus on basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. Emphasis on life and culture of Spanish-speaking world.

SPAN 1002 Spanish level ||
Second of four-course sequence. Increased exposure to and command over basic skills o listening, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. Fosters understanding of Hispanic cultures.

SPAN 1003 Spanish level |||
Third of four-course sequence. Further refinement of command over basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. Fosters understanding of Hispanic cultures.

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