Early College Second Life Program

What are Foundation Curriculum classes?

How many do I need to take?

The goal of the Liberal Arts Foundations curriculum is to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and abilities essential to their living worthwhile lives. The curriculum is based on the faculty's belief that the best way to prepare students for living worthwhile lives is to provide them with a solid foundation in the core disciplines in the liberal arts (the humanities, arts, natural sciences, and social sciences), in conjunction with a multidisciplinary education in the specific areas of health promotion and physical activity and mastery of writing and mathematics competencies.

Students need 42 hours of Foundations curriculum courses which include:

* 6 hours of English (FC: EN) to include ENGL 1100 and 1200
* 3 hours of Mathematics (FC:MA)
* 8 hours of Natural Science (FC:SC) including at least one laboratory science
* 12 hours of Social Science (FC:SO) from at least three different areas
* 10 hours of Humanities and Fine Arts (FC:HU and FC:FA) including at least onehumanity and at least one fine art.
* 3 hours of Health & Exercise & Sport Science (FC:HL and FC:EX) including HLTH 1000 and either EXSS 1000 or EXSS 1001.


Students of the ECU Early College Program are subject to the ECU Academic Integrity Policy as well as the ECU Distance Education Honor Code of Conduct.

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