Now that you have been admitted, there are several important steps for enrollment that must be completed in the checklist below:

First Things First.

❏  Set up your Pirate ID and email – As a student taking classes at East Carolina University, you will have access to a variety of helpful technology resources. Please log into the Admissions Portal you created when you submitted your application.  Here you will find your Pirate ID, ECU ID, and email address.  Follow the link below to create your secure passphrase.

Important Note: Please note that all official correspondence will take place via your ECU email address. This includes tuition and fee bills, financial aid information, and any messages from your academic advisor, academic department and faculty. Please check it frequently.

Learn more about setting up your Pirate ID and then explore all of ECU's technology information for new students.

❏  Registration – Please contact our Registrar directly to make arrangements for course registration. Registrar: 252-328-6524 or

Before You Arrive.

❏  Complete your medical report – If you will be taking more than 4 credit hours, visiting students are required to submit the student Report of Medical History form with their immunization records to Student Health Services. You must be cleared as “health compliant” prior to actual attendance.

Visit the Student Health Services webpage for more information.

Important Reminders

Course Availability – We do not guarantee all courses will have seats open as we operate on a space-available basis. Please contact the Registrar as soon as possible to register for your course(s).

Limit of Credit Hours – Enrollment as a visiting student is limited to no more than 28 semester hours earned at East Carolina University. Credit earned as a visiting student cannot be used to establish eligibility for admission into the university, but up to 28 semester hours earned may be applied after the student has been admitted.

Residency Questions or Concerns – If your residency status has been classified incorrectly, please complete and submit our application for In-State Residence and Tuition Status. For more information, visit the Registrar's Residency webpage. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Contacts to Know