Here's a sneak peek of some of the things you'll discover when you visit East Carolina University in person.



Campus Life

Campus Life

By choosing East Carolina, you made the decision to come to a place where you will build memories and friendships that will last forever.

Making the transition to college life can be challenging, but here's one thing you don't need to stress over: where you're going to live. As a freshman at East Carolina, you're guaranteed a room in one of our residence halls!

All freshmen must live on campus as a part of a common experience to bond new students to the university and support them through the crucial first year of college. (Students who meet specific requirements may request an exemption to the policy.) When you choose your neighborhood, you also choose your neighbors and friends. We want you to live with the person with whom you'll be most comfortable. By completing the (optional) roommate profile, you can help us create your ideal living situation and make your first year on campus as fulfilling as possible.

Regardless of your assigned residence hall, you will enjoy the same benefits as any other student on campus. You'll live near campus eateries and other centers of student activity. You won't need to worry about bringing your own appliances. When you need to go to class or visit the library, you'll be within a couple minutes' walking distance. Your new friends will live next door or right down the hall. The ECU Police Department provides a secure atmosphere in which you can live. And, you'll join previous generations of Pirates who made long-lasting memories during their first year on campus.


Campus Living

The Office of Campus Living at East Carolina is all about college tradition—a tradition of making the most of the college experience by being right in the center of it all.

Campus Living recognizes the importance of learning both in and outside the classroom by providing programs that will enable you to build lasting relationships, foster leadership and self-determination, develop cultural awareness, and participate in community programs. 

Visit the Campus Living website or call 252-328-4663 for more information, and be sure to browse the following section for a closer look at the specific services provided:

Every residence hall comes with the basic comforts—beds, desks with chairs, chests-of-drawers, window coverings, closets or wardrobes, a microfridge, and a study or lounge area nearby—plus the following great features, which are included in your housing contract fee.

Computer network: Every residence hall room has both wired and wireless Internet available, and there are a number of computer labs both in the residence halls and in the academic buildings. 

Free laundry: Each residence hall has one or more laundry rooms equipped with washers and dryers. The cost of using the residence hall laundry facilities is included in your housing fee, so leave the quarters at home!

Excellent tastes: Our dining program offers you a variety of great food in our dining halls, food courts, convenience stores, and coffee bars. All of our dining locations have convenient operating hours to serve you.

At your service: Neighborhood Service Offices are open seven days a week. Visit your nearest office when you need a replacement key, a vacuum cleaner, room-change services, or someone to receive a package for you. Maintenance services are available around the clock. Housekeeping services are provided in the common areas.

Want to live and study with students who are interested in similar academic or social issues? ECU's 19 Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) give you the opportunity to do just that. Available themes range from biology to art to leadership, and much more. LLCs are designed to assist in the transition to ECU while supporting student academics and encouraging positive peer connections. Research shows that students that reside in living-learning communities tend to have higher grade point averages and graduation rates.

For more information, click here to visit the Living Learning Communities webpage.

East Carolina is committed to the safety of every student, faculty member, and staff member. In particular, the campus safety division, housed in the ECU Police Department, empowers students, faculty, and staff with the knowledge and awareness to maintain a safe campus.

The division works to ensure a safe physical setting at East Carolina—including lighting, entrances, and landscaping—by providing continuous educational programming on security issues on and off campus. State-of-the-art safety and security technology such as security cameras and emergency call phones are installed throughout campus. Safety patrols and fire drills, combined with regular safety and security inspections, make East Carolina the safest place possible to live, study, and socialize.

Smartphone users can download the LiveSafe app, which provides students, faculty, and staff a direct connection to campus safety so that everyone can easily communicate all their safety needs. Its easy-to-use features help you stay safe every day and enable the ECU Police community to better protect you.

Increased off-campus security measures, such as the Safe Ride van, protect students, faculty, and staff as they navigate and negotiate transportation needs on campus and in surrounding areas.


The right fit for you

With three distinct campus living neighborhoods to choose from, you will have plenty of options to suit your interests and tastes.

All of our residence halls come with beds, desks, high-speed Internet access, baths, and laundry facilities. Each student has access to the neighborhood computer lab, and a wireless network runs throughout the residence halls.

Our two dining halls offer all-access, continuous dining, and enough options to satisfy any appetite. Four food courts, two convenience stores, and four coffee bars on campus also keep you well fed. Whether you are in the mood for a hearty breakfast, a quick lunch, a sit-down dinner, or a late-night snack, we've got what you're looking for.

Here's a closer look at our College Hill, Central, and West End neighborhoods. Check out what we have to offer.

You'll never run out of things to do on the Hill.

The College Hill neighborhood is nestled between East Carolina's academic buildings and its athletics complex, meaning you're just a short walk away from classes during the week and sporting events on game days. In the neighborhood itself are six residence halls, a fitness facility, a dining hall, a food court, and a convenience store. The neighborhood has all you need within walking distance, and there's usually someone else going your way.

EastPointe Plaza is the center of activity on College Hill. The plaza is an indoor/outdoor social scene that offers a variety of dining and activity choices with the Galley food court, the Pirate Market P.O.D. convenience store, and the Fitness Pointe workout facility. College Hill is also home to several great long-running ECU traditions, including King and Queen of the Halls and the Pirate 500. You'll be in the middle of the action when you live on College Hill.

Central neighborhood is at the heart of ECU's academic environment.

Its four residence halls are surrounded by classroom buildings, lecture halls, Joyner Library, Wright Auditorium, and Messick Theatre. Residents enjoy central campus for its collegiate feel and quiet places to study. You'll have convenient access to the buildings that you'll visit frequently during your time at East Carolina.

You'll also find it easy to get involved in campus life when you live in Central neighborhood. Movies, outdoor events, and an array of dining options are right at your fingertips, and when it's time to relax, you can lounge on Central neighborhood's sprawling "back yard"—the Mall. Other close-by amenities like live theatre performances will enrich your social and cultural experience on campus, as well as your academic career. 

The appeal of West End neighborhood is in its proximity to ECU's social scene. 

Close to the Student Recreation Center, Mendenhall Student Center, and the Brickyard, the West End neighborhood is always buzzing with activity. You can get involved in just about any campus event when you live here. Students often meet and hang out at the student center, where attractions like Hendrix Theatre, a bowling alley, pool hall, study lounge, food court, convenience store, and coffee bar make the possibilities endless. If you just feel like relaxing, you can hang out in front of a big-screen TV or lounge in one of the comfortable chairs.

The Student Recreation Center hosts a variety of athletic activities and competitions for residents, with quieter activities like yoga available as well. West End neighborhood is also home to the state-of-the-art West End Dining Hall, for convenient dining close to home. You'll find a little bit of everything here, including the Central/West End Neighborhood Service Office.

Housing Choices

It's Your Choice

Housing Choices

To provide an enriching, life-changing, and safe college experience, ECU requires all freshmen to live on campus. We assign new students according to the date we receive the completed Campus Living Contract and the advance room fee. As our residence halls fill up quickly, the sooner we hear from you, the better. When completing the Campus Living Contract, you'll need to consider the following choices:

If you have someone you want to room with, we will make every effort to place you together provided there are enough empty rooms available. Students who don't request a specific roommate are assigned one based on gender and smoking preference. We start assigning rooms and roommates in May. If we receive your completed contract, application fee, and advance room deposit by April 15, you will be notified of your assignment and your roommate in July. We will be unable to honor roommate requests after May 1, and housing assignments are largely based on the order of the student's housing contract date. Applying before April 15 is preferred.

A select few majors, and a range of programs have Living-Learning Communities as part of the campus living experience.  If you are in one of these majors or choose to apply for a Living-Learning Program, this will take precedence on your assignment for housing. In many cases, you may only select a roommate preference if they are in the same Living-Learning Program as you.   For more information, visit the Living-Learning Community programs webpage.

Single-sex living: Campus Living has an all-female residence hall designated each year. If you would prefer to live in this hall, answer "Yes" to the question, "Do you prefer a single-gender residence hall?" on the Campus Living Contract.

Coed living: In coed residence halls, men and women live in either sections of the same floor or on alternate floors of the same building. If you would prefer to live in one of these halls, answer "No" to the question, "Do you prefer a single-gender residence hall?" on the Campus Living Contract.

Tobacco-free living: The use of tobacco products is prohibited in all residence halls. All residence halls are nonsmoking. Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of residence hall steps, entry areas, porches, breezeways, courtyards, and windows. If you use tobacco products, please answer "Yes" to the question, "Do you use tobacco products?" on the Campus Living Contract. Campus Living uses this information in roommate matching.

Now that you've decided on living arrangements, tell us where you prefer to live. Rank the campus neighborhoods—College Hill, Central, and West End—in order of preference.

All medical requirements or needs will be considered before roommate selection and neighborhood preference. Special accommodations are available based on medical need or physical disability. Campus Living cannot guarantee the availability of special accommodations after May 1.


Dining Choices

Essentially, a meal plan is a pre-paid account for your on-campus meals. At the start of the semester, you pay one price to cover all of your meals that you will be eating in the dining halls and the retail locations on campus. Your meal plan activity is tracked on your student ID card (1 Card).

Pirate Meals: Each meal plan, except the Purple Flex Plan, comes with a predetermined amount of food court Pirate Meals (Purple 20, 40, 60); the number represents the amount of Pirate Meals available per semester. Food court locations include: Destination 360, the Wright Place, the Galley, the Wedge, and the Croatan. Each of these locations house several national and proprietary brands such as Subway®, Chick-fil-A®, Panda Express®, Chili's Too®, and much more. When you visit one of these locations, several Pirate Meal options will be available for you to choose from per food court outlet. These meals will be deducted from your meal plan over the course of the semester as you use them. Once these meals are gone in a semester, you will have to use Purple Bucks, cash, or a credit card to pay for food items in the food court locations.

Purple Bucks: Each meal plan includes a defined amount of Purple Bucks. Purple Bucks can be used like cash and dollar-for-dollar exchange. Purple Bucks can be used at all dining locations on campus. Students running low on Purple Bucks can add more Purple Bucks at any time in $50 increments. When using Purple Bucks, you automatically save an additional 10 percent on meal purchases at the dining halls.

Guest Meals: Each Purple meal plan comes with five guest meals. Guest meals can only be used in Todd or West End Dining Halls. These meals can be used for friends, family, or faculty you would like to treat to a meal.

Continuous dining means we are open non-stop from morning to night at both Todd and West End Dining Halls. Come in for a full meal or just to grab a beverage or snack. All-access dining allows the meal plan member to come into the dining halls multiple times throughout the day as often as you like, giving you access to a variety of foods during our set hours of operation.

Submit your campus housing preference

ECU believes that living on campus is an important part of the college experience. Fall or summer term freshmen are required to submit a campus housing application as well as pay the $100 advanced room fee and $100 application fee by May 1.

Housing assignments are made in the order contracts are received, so we encourage you to submit your application early. You will also find several options for dining across campus. Follow the links below to make your selections.

Visit the Campus Living website for information on how to apply online.

Visit the Campus Dining website to learn about dining plans and ordering instructions.

Have questions? We have a group of informed staff members who are dedicated to making sure you get the information you need. 

Give us a call at 252-328-6640 or send us an email at

There are several other ways to connect with East Carolina through social media and other online venues:

Undergraduate Admissions Portal
Campus Wide Social Media Directory

Be sure to follow the admissions office on the social media sites below:

  • Admissions: 252-328-6640
  • Athletics Ticket Office: 252-328-4500
  • Campus Dining: 252-ECU-FOOD
  • Campus Multifaith Alliance: 252-758-2030
  • Campus Parking: 252-328-6294
  • Campus Recreation and Wellness: 252-328-6387
  • Career Services: 252-328-6050
  • Cashier's Office: 252-737-6886
  • Club Sports: 252-328-6387
  • Counseling and Student Development: 252-328-6661
  • Disability Support Services: 252-737-1016
  • ECU 1 Card: 252-328-2673
  • ECU Police: 252-328-6787
  • ECU Transit: 252-328-4724
  • Fee Payments: 252-328-6886
  • Financial Aid: 252-328-6610
  • Fraternity Advisor: 252-328-4235
  • Health Service 252-328-6841
  • Honors College 252-328-6373
  • Housing (Campus Living) 252-ECU-HOME
  • Intercultural Student Affairs: 252-328-6495
  • International Students: 252-328-4829
  • Judicial System: 252-328-6824
  • Mendenhall Student Center: 252-328-4700
  • Off-Campus Student Services: 252-328-2847
  • Orientation: 252-328-4173
  • Parent Services: 252-328-4173
  • Registrar: 252-328-6524
  • Residency Status: 252-328-6640
  • Sorority Advisor: 252-328-4235
  • Student Government: 252-328-4726
  • Student Stores: 252-328-6731
  • Undergraduate Studies: 252-328-6001