Understanding Grade Replacements

At ECU, you are able to use four grade replacements. Grade replacements allow you to retake any 0000, 1000, or 2000 level course where you have earned a grade of C-, D+, D, D-, of F. A student may replace a grade in four different courses, or may replace a single course grade a maximum of four times, or a combination thereof not to exceed the limits of the policy.

Grade replacements are useful in improving your overall GPA (it is important to note that when applying to graduate/professional schools they may calculate a different gpa including all attempts at each class).

You can not use a grade replacement after successfully completing an advanced course for which the repeated course is a prerequisite.

The replacement grade, or last grade, stands. If you received an F on the replacement grade you must repeat the course if credit is required for graduation.

Grade replacements are automatically processed when you retake a 3 semester hour (or more) class in which you made a C- or lower on the first attempt. In order to request a grade replacement for a 1 or 2 semester hour class, you must complete a grade replacement form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar via e-mail (regis@ecu.edu) or in person (207 Uptown, on 5th Street).

Grade replacements are indicated on your transcript by the letters “E” for excluding the course and “I” to indicate the grade to include in your GPA. If you do not see this on your transcript—your grade replacement has not been processed. Contact regis@ecu.edu or your academic advisor for help.

Please note that when you grade replace a class, both classes are considered for financial aid purposes. Please contact financial aid if you have further questions about this policy.