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Regular Withdrawals

Students can complete an official withdrawal form in the Registrar’s Office (Room 201) or e-mail CAS@ecu.edu from their ECU e-mail account with the following information:


Contact Information (phone, address, etc)

Banner ID

Date of Birth

Statement – Please withdraw me from the SS2 2010 semester

Notes or other information (last day of attendance, never attended)

Reasons for withdrawal (if student wishes to share)


    • If student withdraws prior to the last day to drop, there is no grade recorded.
    • If student withdraws after the last day to drop – their professors will be contacted regarding current academic standing in course (passing or failing). Depending on feedback from the professor, the student will either receive a W or an F on their transcripts. If the student receives an F from a withdrawal, it factors into their GPA like any other grade.

Medical and Psychological Withdrawals

Information for medical and psychological withdrawals can be found here: http://www.ecu.edu/cs-studentaffairs/dos/medical_Withdrawals.cfm
For more information, please contact the Dean of Students' Office.

Retroactive Withdrawals (after a semester has ended)

Student should complete the Petition to the Student Academic Appellate Committee (found online – Registrar’s website) and type a letter to the committee explaining the rationale for their appeal. Documentation to support appeal should be included (medical records, police report, etc).