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Student - Athlete Affairs Program

The NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs Program was developed to help student-athletes bridge the gap from college to career and in the process, make meaningful contributions to their communities. The mission of this program is to provide opportunities for personal development for each student-athlete and ultimately realize higher academic achievement, a higher level of maturity, self-responsibility, and greater overall success. As a participant in this program, ECU is dedicated to carrying out all of the program's goals and commitments to academic excellence, athletic excellence, personal development, service, and career development.

Samples of Past Events:

Learning How To Learn: Covers methods for improving study skills as they relate to one's personal learning style. This program is directed to all levels of students.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness: Addresses drug and alcohol awareness through a variety of approaches: health related issues, law enforcement, judicial, and safety issues.

So You're Freaking Out: Geared towards junior and senior students. Topics covered at this event include: resume writing, interviewing, the job search, and additional career exploration resources.

Stress Management: Explores different ways of managing stress, particularly during exam time.

Sex Rules: Sponsored on campus in conjunction with sexual responsibility week.

True Colors: Analyzes different personalities in order to provide insight on how to better relate to others in a diverse environment. The True Colors personality assessment is administered to all students at this session.

Nutrition: Provides students with tips for better eating and quick, healthy options for meals on the go.

Attendance at Student-Athlete Affairs program events contribute to team totals for the Student Development Award.

The Student Development Award:

Each team will be ranked in order from 1-17 in three categories.

    1. Community Service - Determined by # of hours per team member spent on community service
    3. Academic Excellence - The winning team will be the team with the highest GPA from the fall and spring semesters (no cumulative GPA since this award is figured on a yearly basis)
    5. Personal and Career Development - Determined by the percentage of team members that attend each Student-Athlete Affairs program event.
    7. The winning team of all three categories combined will be awarded $1,000 to spend how they see fit. The funds must be spent on equipment or facilities and not extraneous items