BB&T Center for Leadership Development

BB&T Center for Leadership Development

The BB&T Center for Leadership Development “advocates and facilitates the incorporation of leadership development as an important dimension of intellectual attention, inquiry and activity at East Carolina University and in higher education.” The Center Director works with a 12-member board to provide opportunities for leadership development at ECU. The focus of CLD programs is the development of student leadership capacity as a part of regular instruction in the classroom.

Leadership Capacity Development

Faculty engage in development of leadership capacity as they teach in their discipline.  BB&T Faculty Leadership Fellows share.

 Qualities of Transformative Leadership
Collaboration - ability to work in group setting "effective groups empower individuals"
Self-knowledge - aware of own beliefs, strengths, weaknesses
Shared purpose - ability to work with others to identify and/or pursue a common goal
Authenticity/integrity - key to building trust
Disagreement with respect - ability to recognize and appreciate individual differences and employ civility in interaction
Commitment - passion, intensity, and persistence
Division of labor - ability to work with others, divide labor, accept responsibility and be productive
Empathy/understanding of others and the requisite ability to listen
Learning environment - ability to embrace community that is respective and supportive of self and others
Competency - knowledge, skills, and technical expertise required for successful completion of the goal 

BB&T Faculty Leadership Fellows Program

The BB&T Faculty Leadership Fellows Program. Since Spring 2013, the Office for Faculty Excellence has partnered with the BB&T Center for Leadership Development to provide a semester long program for faculty. This grant sponsors twelve leadership fellows who meet weekly to consider ways faculty can develop leadership abilities of their students as they teach in their disciplines. The frame of reference for the work is Leadership Reconsidered: Engaging Higher Education in Social Change, the publication provided to all new ECU faculty at orientation. Fellows read and discuss this and other leadership literature, compile and evaluate ideas and strategies for incorporating leadership into college instruction, and implement ideas and strategies into their teaching. In spring 2014 three faculty leadership fellow mentors provided additional support to the program.

BB&T Active Learning and Leadership Program

The BB&T Active Learning and Leadership Incentive Grant Program. This program, which was initiated in Spring 2015, provides up to 18 incentive grants for faculty from any ECU College/School. The grants of $1,000 per faculty member are to support participation in a special project to study the relationship between active learning and the development of leadership capacity abilities as described in Leadership ReconsideredFaculty journal after each session of an identified course to describe the active learning involved in instruction and any connections between those activities and leadership capacity development.  One class period is videoed and reviewed for interactions.  Students are surveyed at the beginning and end of the class concerning leadership development.

BB&T Course Redesign and Leadership Capacity Development Course Enhancement Grants

The BB&T Course Redesign and Active Learning and Leadership Capacity Development Grant Program.  Beginning Summer 2017, up to 10 grants of $2500 each will be awarded to faculty for the redesign of a course to embed active learning and leadership capacity development.  Criteria and application procedures will be provided in early spring semester.  The grants will be awarded for Summer 2017.

The Chancellor’s Leadership Academy

The Chancellor’s Leadership Academy is an intensive professional development experience for faculty and staff who are ready to expand their capacity for leadership in higher education and who are committed to enhancing their contribution to the University. The Academy offers leadership development to high potential university members through quality curriculum, materials and experiences delivered by top-level administrative and academic leaders. 


News and Events

The BB&T Leadership Center has had a positive impact on ECU for many years under the leadership of Dr. Jim Bearden, who retired last year. Dr. Dorothy Muller served as the Interim Director and on July 1, 2017 Chancellor Emeritus Steve Ballard became the director. The center is overseen by a Board of Directors, chaired by former ECU Trustee Ken Chalk. Dr. Ballard has a long-standing interest in and passion for Leadership Development throughout his administrative career and believes that an understanding of leadership is an important part of a great undergraduate education.

Dr. Ballard is housed in the Honors College, room 121, and can be reached through Sandra Williams (737-2681), or by email at