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CMS Platform Project

At Academic Outreach, one of our major commitments is to provide a feature rich and user-friendly course management system (CMS) to support teaching and learning for both on-campus and distance education at ECU.

The objective of this CMS Platform project is to conduct a formal analysis of three different CMS platforms: Blackboard, Moodle, and Sakai. In order to have a complete CMS evaluation, the project needs input from all stakeholders, including faculty, staff, Instructional Technologist, ITCS, and students. Currently, more than 30 faculty have volunteered to participate in this project but we need more participants and we need your feedback.

Participants will be involved in the following tasks:

  • Faculty will use three CMS platforms, teaching one course a semester on a different CMS
  • Faculty will use a rubric provided to compare/contrast different CMS platforms
  • Focus groups will study specific aspects of CMS platforms

Courses will be taught in Blackboard through the project. In addition, teaching at least one course in Moodle and another course in Sakai is required. The timeline for this project is:

  • If you teach a course in summer 07, use Moodle
  • In Fall 07, teach a course either in Moodle or Sakai
  • In Spring 08, teach a course either in Moodle or Sakai

It's not to late to join the project team! If you are interested in joining us to help make a decision toward our next learning platform, please contact Biwu Yang at

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