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“Each of us must be the change we want to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Upcoming Workshop

Workshop Title: 6 Essentials You Should Know About Conflict Management
Sponsored by: Human Resources
Date and Location: September 1, 2017 at the Greenville Center, Suite 1200

Workshop Feedback


When should I contact the Conflict Resolution and Mediation Programs (CRMP) office?

You can contact the program office at any time.  Ideally, it is hoped that you would consider the services of CRMP before considering other options available to address your concerns.


Who does the CRMP serve?

At this time, CRMP serves faculty, staff and student employees only.


Is my conversation confidential?

Yes. Everything said in the context of receiving services from CRMP is confidential to the extent permitted by applicable law.  For example, the University may be required by law to provide reports of certain crimes to law enforcement agencies or it may be necessary to provide information regarding discrimination to the Office of Equity and Diversity so that the University can comply with its obligations to investigate and prevent discrimination.


What kinds of issues can the CRMP help with?

Relationship with your supervisor
Interpersonal conflicts
Relationship with your co-worker
Communication issues
Workplace disharmony
Staff/faculty meeting facilitation


My supervisor recommended I avail myself of the services of CRMP. Am I required to do as my supervisor said?

No. Availing yourself of the services offered by CRMP is voluntary.