Dissertation and Proposal

Dissertation Proposal and Proposal Defense

The dissertation proposal must be submitted for review by the student's advisory committee within 24 months of entering the program. The proposal, prepared according to program guidelines for content, format, and citations, provides the basis for the doctoral dissertation and must be presented at a public oral defense conducted by the student's doctoral committee. The proposal defense may include any questions relating to the proposed research as well as to the student's primary and complementary areas of study. Upon successful defense of the proposal the student will be admitted to candidacy for the doctoral degree. In the event the student's advisory committee determines that the student's performance was unsatisfactory,  the committee at its discretion may schedule a re-examination no later than one year from the time of the initial examination.

Dissertation Thesis Defense

In accordance with Graduate School requirements, registration shall be required in the final term in which a degree is granted. Procedures for the thesis defense will be prepared by the CRM Advisory Committee in consultation with the program director.