Henry Raab

Entered Program: 2014
Primary Track: Coastal and Estuarine Ecology
Adviser: Dr. Joe Luczkovich
Hometown: Ocean City, New Jersey
Education: BS Biology - William Paterson University, 2012 MS Biology - William Paterson University, 2014
E-mail: raabh14@students.ecu.edu
Research Interests: Metagenomics and data analysis of various microbiological species within the field of coastal resource management.

The CRM Program appeals to me because of the vast interdisciplinary work done throughout the CRM Program. I feel that my skills and experience as a biologist will help me bring a unique element to the CRM Program. Before moving to North Carolina I studied to get my MS in biology with concentrated research in the microbiological field. I have previously worked with -amine and -thiol tagged nanoparticles and studies their effects on the degradation of dendritic function in rat neuronal cells (PC 12). I have also studied the transferability of different bacteria on different types of fabrics.