Students will serve a minimum three month internship with a government agency, private sector business or organization, or non-profit group that has coastal resources management responsibilities, concerns or activities. The experience is designed to introduce students to the practice of management, administration, and policymaking for coastal resources management.

Upon completion of the internship students will provide a concise report that describes the nature of the host organization, its role in coastal resources management, the student’s responsibilities in the organization, and how this experience relates to the general themes and issues developed through the CRM program. The report will be provided to the student’s advisory committee and the CRM director no later than one-month following formal completion of the internship.

Identification and Approval of Internships: Students, with the full assistance and support of the CRM director, faculty, and staff, will assume primary responsibility for identifying and securing internships, and obtaining the approval of their advisory committee chair and CRM director. The CRM director will negotiate and confirm the terms and conditions of the internship with sponsoring officials in the host organization where appropriate. Internships may be served at any point in the student’s program, but preferably should be pursued once most of the required courses have been completed.

Waivers: The internship may be waived if in the judgment of the Steering Committee and/or the Admissions Committee, and/or doctoral advisory committee, and the director, that prior career, work, or professional activities fulfill the objectives of the internship requirement. Students must request waivers in writing to the program director and explain how their prior experience fulfills the intent of the internship requirement. When prior experience is accepted in lieu of an internship no written report is required.

When waivers are approved no credit toward the degree is awarded and the student replaces the three (3) internship credits by taking an additional elective course chosen in consultation with his or her advisory committee.