Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones

Entered Program: 2012
Primary Track: Social Science and Coastal Policy
Adviser: Dr. Lynn Harris
Hometown: Church Hill, Tennessee
Education: BA Anthropology - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 2005
MA Historical Archaeology - University of York, United Kingdom, 2007
MA Maritime Studies - East Carolina University, 2012
Research Interests: Management of maritime cultural resources.

I grew up in the foothills of the Appalachians but have always had a soft spot for the coast. With a background in archaeology and religious studies, I focused on grave iconography at St. Andrew's Cathedral, where I fell in love with the Scottish coastline and maritime archaeology. I discovered the Maritime Studies Program at ECU in 2008, where I looked at socioeconomic and archaeological patterns of historic hurricanes along North Carolina's coast. The Maritime Program was an excellent springboard into the CRM Program where I hope to utilize the interdisciplinary focus to study maritime cultural resources on land. I have also participated in terrestrial and maritime projects in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Sweden and Namibia. My professional interests also include GIS and maritime archaeology in the media.