Michael T. Griffin

Entered Program: 2011
Primary Track: Coastal Geosciences
Adviser: Dr. Burrell Montz and Dr. Alex Manda
Hometown: Wilmington, North Carolina
Education: AAS Computer Engineering - Cape Fear; AAS Electronic Engineering - Cape Fear; BA Physical Geography - University of North Carolina Wilmington; MA Geography - East Carolina University
Research Interests: Climatology, hydrology, water resources, GIS
Web page:

I joined the CRM Program in the fall of 2011. My prior education includes a degree in Physical Geography from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington followed by a master's in Geography from East Carolina University. My research interests are diverse and include disciplines such as climatology, hydrology and Geographic Information Science (GIS). Specifically, I'm interested in water resources and how climate change, population growth, and land use impact water availability. I received my private pilot's license in 2002. When I'm not consumed with research and coursework I enjoy flying over coastal North Carolina and playing disk golf every chance I get.