Tara Van Niekerk

Entered Program: 2017
Primary Track: Social Science and Coastal Policy
Adviser: Dr. Lynn Harris
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
Education: Bachelor of Social Science in Social Anthropology and Archaeology - University of Cape Town, 2006; Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Archaeology - Univeristy of Cape Town, 2007; Master of Arts in Archaeology - University of South Africa, 2017
Research Interests: Underwater cultural heritage, site formation processes, and public outreach

I love being a Maritime Archaeologist; it has allowed me to combine archaeology with my love of the ocean. It has also allowed me to work in the most fascinating environments, exploring cultural sites underwater and to travel all over the world. It is very important to me that the knowledge we uncover through our research, whether on land or underwater, gets passed on to the public and local communities. So that everyone can share in and learn about their heritage.