Tom Garcia

Tom Garcia

Entered Program: 2013
Primary Track: Social Science and Coastal Policy
Adviser: Dr. Jeff Johnson
Hometown: Scroggins, Texas
Education: BA Sociology, Columbia College 2012
Research Interests: Social networks, human dimensions, natural hazards and perceptions of risk, cultural theory and social organization, human response to climate change and sea level rise, coastal culture, user group conflict, localism / territorialism in coastal areas, community mobilization, community supported fisheries, perceptions, attitudes, and social norms towards water and waste, perceptions of responsibility, impacts of changing coastal demographics, environmental justice

I am a small-town East Texas country boy who accidentally served for 17 years in the Air Force, and spent an additional 5 years working as a contractor for the Army and Marine Corps. I now wish to exert my energy and efforts towards tackling academia, coastal concerns, pursuing some of my many interests, and enjoying life. My non-academic activities include amateur radio operator, radio sport, hobbyist beekeeper, juggling, reading, traveling, writing, hiking and camping, tinkering with electronics to develop a revolutionary free energy system, and enjoying a pastiche of nepenthean concoctions while I pause to think about my position in the world, and how to achieve my goals.