Tyler Peacock

Tyler Peacock

Entered Program: 2014
Primary Track: Coastal and Estuarine Ecology
Hometown: Washington, North Carolina
Education: BS Marine Biology - College of Charleston, 2011; MS Biology, East Carolina University, 2014
Research Interests: Trophic and predator-prey interactions, fish migrations and habitat selection, population dynamics of fisheries, and fisheries econmoics

I hope to manage fisheries and other natural resources in the future, so the multidisciplinary CRM program was an ideal choice, as it also considers humans and their effects: something inherent in any natural resources management. My research has focused primarily on trophic interactions and predatory effects through diet analysis. While working on my B.S. I interned with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources working on field collections and tagging of inshore fish, shark tagging, otolith preparation, and histological analysis of fish reproductive organs. As an avid fisherman, diver and outdoorsman, I feel personally invested in understanding and managing the unique coastal environment of North Carolina and look forward to furthering that through the CRM program.