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Continuity of Instruction

The ECU Continuity of Instruction document includes a number of practical suggestions for faculty in the event that it becomes necessary for student learning to continue without the availability of face-to-face classrooms. A pandemic or other catastrophic event may result in the official suspension of all activities including face-to-face classes on the East Carolina campus. The ECU Continuity of Instruction document provides two sets of recommendations as guidelines to encourage the continuation of instruction within East Carolina University during a pandemic or other catastrophic event. The first set of recommendations assumes faculty and students will have Internet and/or computer access and presents a Just-In-Time scenario, Scenario 1. The second set of recommendations assumes that access to the Internet and a computer will not be available and presents a Just-In-Case scenario, Scenario 2.

Continuity of instruction is important to both the university and its constituents because it assures a means by which the university can continue to meet its primary obligation of providing a rich and engaging undergraduate and graduate education to ECU students. Plans allowing for the continuation of instruction under pandemic or catastrophic event conditions serve two primary purposes. First, such plans assist students in continuing to seek timely matriculation and graduation which in turn, minimizes financial and family burdens throughout the event for stakeholders. Secondly, pandemic or catastrophic event planning helps to stabilize the university community and its surrounding neighbors during a crisis by removing or minimizing confusion for a portion of stakeholders’ daily activities. Continuity of instruction plans should anticipate the use of alternate methods for delivery of course materials, for student-faculty communication and include the actions and timeline necessary to carry out such a plan. The amount of effort and time required to develop a plan will vary from course to course.

Download the complete ECU Continuity of Instruction plan by clicking here.

DE Contingency Plan

As with any technology, Blackboard and other Internet based course delivery systems have the potential for technical problems. To prepare for potential problems and/or downtime, we strongly advise all instructors using Blackboard or other Internet based course delivery systems to have a contingency plan when the technology is not available. A contingency plan involves anticipating and planning for an alternate delivery of course material and communication when a service interruption occurs.  Your contingency plan should appear on your course syllabus so that students know their responsibilities and what to expect in a downtime situation.

Download the DE Contingency Plan by clicking here.

Fostering Academic Integrity in DE

Download the Fostering Academic Integrity by clicking here.

Our Programs are designed to suit both the professional needs and the academic goals of busy, working adults like you. The faculty members teaching the university’s online programs are the same faculty teaching its on-campus programs. We also make sure you have all the tools and support services you need as you earn your degree.

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Continuing Professional Education offers opportunities for personal enrichment and professional development. We are prepared to assist you in updating your skills, discovering new talents, or charting new career paths. Take a quick glance at our course catalog and you will discover a wealth of stimulating learning opportunities that await you.

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This educational program is for adults 50 and older who want to continue learning in a relaxed atmosphere, without entrance requirements, exams, or grades. Your desire to learn for the joy of learning and personal fulfillment is the underlying feature of this program.

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ECU offers a variety of academic opportunities for the summer. Whether it’s studying abroad in another country, exploring the North Carolina coast, or even right on campus, East Carolina has a place for you.

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The Testing Center administers national college and academic program entrance exams. Credentialing, licensure and certification exams are administered through the ECU Testing Center. In addition to paper-based exams, the ECU Testing Center is an authorized computer-based testing site for the Miller’s Analogies Test (MAT), Pearson VUE, and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

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We offer test proctoring services to students enrolled in distance education classes at East Carolina University, and other universities within the University of North Carolina system. The ECU DE Proctoring Center is a state of the art facility that ensures integrity in the proctoring and examination processes.

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While you serve your country with honor and courage let East Carolina University help you accomplish your personal educational goals.  East Carolina University has helped military men and women and their dependents earn college degrees and certificates for decades.

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