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                                                                                                                                                      May 22, 2007

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May 2007

 1.  Welcome

 2.  DE Student Cards
 3.  DE Day
 4.  DE Forum
 5.  Blackboard 
 6.  Joyner Library
 7.  Couse Management  

 8.  New Horizons Online
      Training - ITCS
 9.  Career Center Update


Distance Education Forum in OneStop

Have you checked out the Distance Education forum yet?  This forum is a place for distance education students to share ideas, questions, or comments.  Feel free to post new  discussion topics as you communicate throughout the semester.  To access the Distance Education forum in OneStop, log in at the following  URL https://onestop.ecu.edu/onestop/ and click the Community tab.

and Internet Explorer 7 Problems

Blackboard has announced their limited compatibility with the new Microsoft Vista Operating System and its Internet Explorer 7 web browser .

Problem:  (direct link)
The visual text box area used in the discussion forum feature in Blackboard is missing. 

Solution:  (direct link)
Download, install and use the Mozilla Firefox browser when using Blackboard.

Download Firefox
Here is a video on how to download and install the Firefox browser.

Contact the Blackboard administrator by email at

Course Management System

At Academic Outreach, one of our major commitments is to provide a feature rich and user friendly course management system (CMS) for teaching and learning for both on-campus and distance education courses at ECU.  In order to provide this service, we are looking at three course management systems: Blackboard Version 7, Moodle, and Sakai.  During the first summer session faculty could be using Moodle, which is an open-source CMS we have chosen for a study.  We are just beginning this study, so expect additional information as we proceed.  To read about Moodle, visit the website 
http://www.ecu.edu/cs%2Dacad/moodle/.  If you have questions about this study, send email to ecuao@ecu.edu.

New Horizons Online Training

ITCS offers Web-based non-curriculum training courses that are free of charge to all ECU faculty, staff, and students.  You can choose from a comprehensive library of courses that cover: Microsoft Office software, operating systems, Web browsers, Web design/layout and programming,  Adobe software, and much more. These courses are beneficial for personal development, self-paced learning or faculty course enhancements.

Submit an online New Horizons
account request  form at
www.ecu.edu/itcs/webtraining.cfm to receive a user id and password within 2-3days. For more information, please go to www.ecu.edu/cs-itcs/training.cfm or contact Gloria Schwartz 328-9129; schwartzg@ecu.edu or Rita Bilbro 328-9183; bilbror@ecu.edu

         East Carolina University
        Office of Academic Outreach
        301 Evans Street ~ Suite 401
           Greenville, NC 27858

What's New - First Summer Session Update

Welcome to First Summer Session and another edition of D-ECU News -- the newsletter that will keep you informed of university news, resources, and announcements that affect the distance education community.  If you will be traveling to campus during summer school to use ECU Libraries and computer labs, be sure to read the information below about the Distance Education Student Cards.      

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Distance Education Student Cards -

Distance education student cards grant access to ECU libraries and computer labs.  If you are enrolled in summer school and plan to travel to campus to use the libraries and computer labs, you will need to request the distance education student card.  Submit your request to Kim Wilson at wilsonki@ecu.edu using the subject line distance education student card.  Your request must include your name, mailing address, and summer session you will attend (Summer Session 1, Summer Session 2, or both).  Please note that the distance education student card does not provide access to the Student Recreation Center , Student Health Services, Athletic events and other activities available to campus students who pay additional university fees.  If you already have a valid ECU 1 Card, you will not need the distance education student card.

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DE Day- ECU Pirates From A Distance

Academic Outreach and the Division of Continuing Studies at ECU will be sponsoring it's second "DE Day" for Pirate Football fans this fall.  This will be a great time to come to Greenville, visit the ECU campus and show your Purple and Gold Pride!  We would like for you to attend and show your support for the PIRATES!  You will be receiving more information at a later date with regard to what the "DE Day" package will include.  There will be something for everyone so lets kick-off this years "DE Day" and make it the best yet!       

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Joyner Library - Connecting With DE Students

The Spring 2007 issue of Joyner Library's distance education newsletter, DECOVE is now available online.

We are analyzing the results of the LibQual survey and will be identifying ways we can improve.  We will communicate these changes to you through emails, the DE Cove Newsletter, and announcements on the library website.  Two improvements to watch for this summer:  more online journals and a new Quick Search that will let you search across multiple databases at one time .  

We learned that many students do not know that they can check out materials from other UNC-system libraries.  Information about how to do this is available at:  http://www.ecu.edu/cs-lib/distance/books.cfm

Please contact us at any time for research assistance through:  IM:  JoynerRef          Telephone:  252-328-6277
Email:  http://www.ecu.edu/cs-lib/reference/email.cfm

There are several new databases that Joyner has. Among the biggest is the Eighteenth-Century Collections Online; it provides digital images of books, pamphlets, Bibles, sheet music, and other types of publications from the 1700s. Another exciting new database is Theatre in Video, which provides streaming productions of many famous plays, including the BBC Shakespeare series. Theatre in Video is limited to 3 simultaneous users, so people should try again if they canít get in the first time. Weíre hoping to be able to advertise other new databases and online journal packages soon. Off-campus users should connect to all databases using library links. Begin at the databases homepage: http://www.ecu.edu/cs-lib/erdbs/.

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 Thinking About a New Job? The Career Center Can Help!
 A Database of 14 Million Employers at Your Fingertips

 Have you been thinking about finding a new job?  TheCareer Center at ECU is here to help you!   
 We have a virtual career center designed to help DE students achieve success in their job 
 search.  Check it out at
www.ecu.edu/e3careers/   This web address will be changing by the end
 of June to

 One great tool that is available to you as a student at ECU is the

Reference USA database. As 
 you may know, research done annually by The Career Center shows that 
 the most effective way to find a job is through networking.  However, itís 
 important that you understand what networking  means.  Networking is  
 NOT  talking to everyone you know and asking them  to help you find
 a  job.  That isnít anymore effective than applying to jobs online. 
 Networking is identifying companies in your field of interest and using your
 contacts to Network your way to someone  within that organization.  This
 means that first you have to know the companies you are targeting!  Reference USA is an
 EXCELLENT resource for identifying the companies in your area or any area  that you should be
 talking with.

 To access Reference USA, go online to Joyner Library at ECU.  Click on Databases.  Find 
 Reference USA.  Enter your Pirate ID.  Once you have access to the database, click on 
 Business Databases, Custom Search (Tab at the top).  Click on City, State and Major industry.  
 A form will be created which you can use to locate all the companies in your area!  Itís 
 fabulous!  Try it.

 All this and more is available to you online or by phone at The Career Center.   Call us toll free:
 800-391-0506.  Call The Career Center at ECU today!

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