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Early Assurance Program in Medicine - Current Students
Students who accept a position in the Early Assurance Program must maintain certain academic standards and participate in various activities to remain eligible for their guaranteed seats in the entering class. These requirements include:
  • earning a minimum GPA (both overall and science) of 3.5
  • remaining eligible for the Honors College
  • completing all pre-med requirements by the end of the sophomore year
  • taking at least 3 foundations courses (9 credit hours) on campus in the humanities, social sciences, and/or fine arts
  • maintaining "an acceptable level of personal deportment"
  • participating in required group and enrichment activities during all four years (BSOM student buddy sessions, medical exposure, summer programs, service learning, AED participation, leadership roles, periodic advising at BSOM, etc.)
Students in the Early Assurance Program who remain eligible and interested will complete an application to the BSOM via the American Medical College Application Service early in their junior year, and will be exempt from both the supplemental application fee and the Medical College Admission Test requirement. They will then receive a letter of acceptance with a one-year deferment, which will enable them to enter the BSOM at ECU after graduation.
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