Everett - Kristen

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EC Scholars - Class of 2013

Kristen Everett

Hometown/State: Charlotte, North Carolina

Incoming EC Scholar Class (year): 2009

Scholarship(s) Awarded: Dowdy Student Stores EC Scholars Award

Major/Intended Major: Health Education and Promotion: Pre-Health Professions

Why did you choose to attend East Carolina University?

I chose to attend ECU mainly because of the medical program at the Brody School of Medicine that I read about. Also, ECU is the only college in North Carolina that offers a "Pre-Health Professions" major which definitely piqued my interest. The environment is accepting and I felt comfortable here.

What has your scholarship enabled you to do?

My scholarship has enabled me to focus on being the best student that I can be without having the worry of a financial burden as many students do. The scholarship has also presented me the opportunity to explore another culture through study abroad which I plan to take advantage of this summer.

What special undergraduate research opportunities have you experienced at the university?

I have not yet experienced any undergraduate research opportunities yet, but there are an abundance of them and I plan to partake in some in the near future.

What unique leadership opportunities have you experienced at the university?

Through a service-learning project with True Connections I taught a group of young at-risk girls liturgical dance. This encouraged them to participate in activities that are positive in their lives. It showed them something to do to increase not only their physical health through dance but also their self-esteem and emotional health. I was proud that I was able to accomplish this.

What are your career plans/aspirations?

I plan to go to medical school and become a pediatrician. I hope to have an impact on the lives of young people through medicine as my pediatrician did with me.

How have you made a positive impact while you have been at East Carolina University?

Community service I feel is my way of contributing positively to ECU. I have participated in work with various agencies including Give 2 the Troops, Greenville Homeless Shelter Clinic, Bernstein Clinic (teaching Hispanic women English), ECU Reads/Writes Program, and True Connections. It's rewarding to do something constructive in the community while representing ECU in a positive manner.