Howerton - Clare

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EC Scholars - Class of 2015

Clare Howerton

Hometown/State: Smithfield, North Carolina

Incoming EC Scholar Class (year): 2011

Scholarship(s) Awarded: East Carolina Scholars Endowed Fund

Major/Intended Major: Nursing

Why did you choose to attend East Carolina University? 

I chose ECU because I was impressed with both the EC Scholars program and the reputation of the Brody School of Medicine. Also, a physician I shadowed gave ECU a strong recommendation. When I visited the campus, I found everyone welcoming and an interesting group of fellow students.

What has your scholarship enabled you to do?

This scholarship is valuable both because of the financial support and the opportunity to study with other academically motivated students. My high school, the North Carolina School of Science and Math, offered challenging classes and an encouraging environment for scholarship. I believe the EC Scholars program will offer research opportunities and opportunities to collaborate with outstanding students.

What special undergraduate research opportunities have you experienced at the university? 

I hope to begin research as soon as possible, likely in an area of biology or chemistry.

What unique leadership opportunities have you experienced at the university? 

I hope to have opportunities for leadership through service projects and in student organizations.

What are your career plans/aspirations? 

My goal is to become a doctor and either have a general practice or work as a surgeon.

How have you made a positive impact while you have been at East Carolina University?

I hope to have a positive impact at ECU both academically and socially. I will work to make a contribution by being a diligent student and through a research opportunity. Socially, I am outgoing, and I enjoy meeting many types of people.  I will seek to be inclusive and helpful to my fellow classmates. I hope to form study groups, and I will make a meaningful contribution to these groups.

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