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EC Scholars - Class of 2015

Mansi Trivedi

Hometown/State: Cary, North Carolina

Incoming EC Scholar Class (year): 2011

Scholarship(s) Awarded: Dowdy Student Stores East Carolina Scholars Award

Major/Intended Major: Double Major Biology and Chemistry

Why did you choose to attend East Carolina University?

At my high school I received a very personalized form of education. My teachers, counselors, and administration were interested in my growth and development as a student. East Carolina University promised me that same kind of education. The programs that ECU has to offer allows me to take control of my education while still having the guidance and support of professors and administration.

What has your scholarship enabled you to do?

Being apart of the EC Scholars program allows me to go beyond what I learn in the classroom and apply what I learn through lectures, study abroad programs and stimulating discussions in the community.

What special undergraduate research opportunities have you experienced at the university?

Currently I am not part of any undergraduate research opportunities at the university, but I have done research in the past regarding reproductive medicine and I hope to continue this research through the university on this topic.

What unique leadership opportunities have you experienced at the university? 

As a Freshman I have not yet been able to get involved leadership wise at the university, but I plan to get involved in student government, honor societies, and citizenship organizations through which I can volunteer and get involved in the community.

What are your career plans/aspirations?

I am apart of the early assurance programs so I plan to attend medical school and I want to get involved in Reproductive Medicine. In addition to working in a hospital I would like to also pursue clinical research.

How have you made a positive impact while you have been at East Carolina University?

I hope to be able to share new ideas and add to the growth of this university so that while I grow as a person I can make an impact on the university. And I know that being apart of the Honors College and EC Scholars program will only help me in making an impact. Already within my first week at ECU I feel that I have been able to help the community by volunteering with the Honors College at Habitat for Humanity.

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