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EC Scholars Class of 2016

Meghan Boop

Hometown/State: Cary, North Carolina

Incoming EC Scholar Class (year): 2012

Scholarship(s) Awarded: James H. Maynard East Carolina Scholars Award

Major/Intended Major:  Nursing

Why did you choose to attend East Carolina University?

I chose to attend East Carolina University after spending a month on campus for an academic summer camp called Summer Ventures for Math and Science. During my month at Summer Ventures, I noticed that the campus had the right "feel" to it; while walking around ECU, I could really picture myself attending school here because something just seemed to click during my stay. Professors from ECU actually taught the classes for my summer program; having such fantastic and devoted professors, that were always willing to help me even though I was not one of their college students, made me realize that the rest of the East Carolina University faculty must be just as wonderful. This prediction was proven true at the EC Scholars interview weekend. Every faculty member I met that weekend really reinforced the idea that ECU was the perfect place for me. I also loved the school spirit of ECU that I noticed while walking around campus during both the summer and during interview weekend; as a very spirited person, I could see my outgoing personality fitting in really well at East Carolina University.

What has your scholarship enabled you to do?

My scholarship has enabled me to explore the world with the sponsored study aboard experience.  I had the opportunity to enrich myself culturally while studying abroad in England for the past two summers and become a true twenty-first century learner equipped with global knowledge and experience. My scholarship has also given me the opportunity to attend college with my thoughts focused on my current education along with what's next in terms of my life goals and aspirations, without dreading the hardship to come of student debt that so many students endure after their college graduation. However, one of the best things that my scholarship has enabled me to do is get acquainted with a group of eighteen other EC Scholar students that I get to call my Pirate family.

What special undergraduate research opportunities have you experienced at East Carolina University?

Last year, I got to immerse myself in undergraduate research, along with another fellow EC Scholar, under the guidance of Dr. Mitchell in the College of Human Ecology. We focused on a unique learning platform called VizZle, which is a visual learning computer program aimed to improve the performance of children with autism based on their IEP goals. For the research project, we met with Pitt County school officials and teachers to work on implementing this program into self-inclusive classrooms across the Pitt County school system.

What unique leadership opportunities have you experienced at East Carolina University?

East Carolina University offers so many unique opportunities to be a leader. I am an ECU Ambassador and serve as the Intramural Sports Committee Chair within the organization. I plan our annual Field Day service project every fall semester for this student organization. I served as a representative in Garrett Hall Government my fall semester at ECU, which I found to be a great way to meet people in my dorm and make a difference. I also served as a student leader for the Volunteer and Service Learning Center for the past two years, creating and running a tutoring program for the Boys and Girls Club in downtown Greenville; it's a great feeling to know that a program I helped create is making such a difference in my local community.

What are your career plans/aspirations?

I aspire to be a pediatric oncology nurse and work at Duke Children's Hospital. While at Duke, I also want to get involved with the Make a Wish Foundation and hopefully become a board member. Such a program is near and dear to my heart since one of my friends actually participated in it, so I'd love to join it as a nurse involved in a field that the Make a Wish Foundation works so closely with and benefits greatly.

What extracurricular activities have you participated in during your time at ECU?

In terms of extra-curricular at ECU, I am an ECU Ambassador, where I serve as a tour guide, volunteer, and student face for the University. I actively participate in intramural sports, playing in at least three out of the four seasons per academic year. My favorite intramural sport to play is soccer and we even won the championship last year for that season! I have been a part of the Volunteer and Service Learning Center student leader team for the past two years. I also was involved in Residence Hall Association and the Honors College Ambassadors my freshman year.

How have you made a positive impact while you have been at East Carolina University?

By involving myself in student organizations, immersing myself in service, taking an interest in sports, and maintaining high academic standards, I hope that I have made a positive impact at East Carolina University and benefitted it half as much as the university has benefitted me.