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Fall 2015 EC Scholars Courses

HNRS 2011.001: Pain, Its Paradoxes, and the Human Condition: EC Scholars Freshmen Seminar
Dr. Daniel Goldberg, Department of Bioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies, Brody School of Medicine

Seminar Description: The Institute of Medicine recently estimated that 116 million American adults suffer from chronic pain. This number is likely a vast underestimate as it does not include adolescents, children, or infants, all of whom experience pain. However, one of the many paradoxes of pain is that although pain is universal, it is also quintessentially subjective. There is overwhelming evidence both that pain is poorly treated across the globe –including the U.S. and the global North – and that there are stark domestic and global inequalities in the prevalence and treatment of pain. This interdisciplinary course will explore the lived experiences of pain, its many paradoxes, and the extent to which it is a key feature of the human condition. Readings and analyses will be drawn from modalities as diverse as history, religious studies, philosophy, literature, poetry, public health, medicine, and law.

Spring 2015 EC Scholars Courses

HNRS 3100.001: EC Scholars Research Internship
Dr. Kindal Shores, Honors College

Seminar Description: The EC Scholars Research Internship course is a supervised community-based research internship that requires at least thirty hours of research responsibilities.  EC Scholars join a faculty member who is working on an approved community-based research and community-engaged scholarship project.  Some of the community-based research partnerships may be established through the Faculty Engagement and Outreach Scholars Academy. EC Scholars participate in tasks that include, but are not limited to, traveling to community research sites to conduct interviews, collecting data, synthesizing findings, making conclusions, designing recommendations and creating an oral presentation for a student and faculty group.

HNRS 3100 Course Documents

HNRS 4100.001: EC Scholars Leadership Internship
Dr. Liz Fogarty, Honors College

Seminar Description: The EC Scholars Leadership Internship course is a supervised internship that requires at least sixty hours of leadership responsibilities.  EC Scholars evaluate the needs of a specific organization in consultation with key administrators and other members of the organization. EC Scholars participate in a leadership internship project that helps them to demonstrate an understanding of relational leadership and they work to create positive change for the organization.

View the EC Scholars leadership internship video from spring 2014 for a summary of outcomes associated with the class.

HNRS 4100 Course Documents