Prosepctive Scholars - FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a prospective candidate apply for the EC Scholars Program?

A prospective candidate must complete two steps in the application process. First, the ECU undergraduate application for freshman admission must be completed by the priority deadline of November 15. Second, if a student qualifies for the Honors College, then an invitation to apply to the Honors College will be sent to the student. The Honors College application includes three additional sections: the EC Scholars application, the Business Scholars application and the Early Assurance Programs application. All sections of the Honors College application must be received by December 15 to be considered. Please view specific  application information.

2. Are EC Scholars required to live in EC Scholars/Honors College housing?

Yes. All EC Scholars must live in the Honors College Residence Hall (Garrett Hall) for the first year. In subsequent years, EC Scholars may remain in the Honors College residence hall or choose alternate housing.  Floor plan

3. How long does the EC Scholar award last?

The EC Scholar award is granted for a total of eight continuous semesters at East Carolina University if the student maintains a cumulative 3.5 GPA and remains in good standing in the Honors College and EC Scholars Program.

4. Do EC Scholars need to be enrolled as full-time students?

Yes. EC Scholars must remain a full-time student in fall and spring semesters at East Carolina University to be eligible for the scholarship.

5. If an EC Scholar receives his/her baccalaureate degree early, may he/she continue to use the scholarship for advanced study at East Carolina University?

Students who complete the baccalaureate degree before their eighth semester of the scholarship may pursue post-baccalaureate study at East Carolina University under the same rules and conditions as undergraduates.

6. If an EC Scholar takes longer than four years to graduate will he/she still graduate as an EC Scholar?

Yes, as long as the EC Scholar completes all of the requirements and remains in good standing, he/she will graduate with the EC Scholar designation.  However, the funding will cease after 8 semesters.   Program requirements can be found under the Current EC Scholars tab.

7. Can an EC Scholar use his/her scholarship for summer school?

Yes, scholarship funds may be used for the summer school session immediately prior to his/her December graduation from East Carolina University.  The student must attend summer school full-time in both sessions.  Summer school funds cannot be used for eight-semester May graduates.  Students must send a written request to apply scholarship funds to summer study to the Director of the EC Scholars Program by April 15.

8. Please explain the Study Abroad program component.

EC Scholars are required to participate in a semester or summer Study Abroad program. EC Scholars are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity during their sophomore or junior year. Beginning with the 2010 incoming class of EC Scholars, there is an additional $5000.00 available per EC Scholar to be applied to tuition for the EC Scholar’s Study Abroad academic experience.

9. Can an EC Scholar use his/her scholarship for an internship semester?

Yes, when an EC Scholar is enrolled as a full-time student (12 credit hours) in an internship credit-bearing course in the fall or spring, using the scholarship award for an internship is allowed.

10.  Can the EC Scholar Award be stacked with other scholarships?

The EC Scholar Program allows its students to receive scholarships from other programs, and scholarships may be stacked up to the “cost of attendance”. If a student is receiving other scholarships, he/she is responsible for checking the stacking policies related to the other scholarships.  In general, excess award funds remaining after all university invoices have been paid are deposited into the EC Scholar’s Higher One account.

11. What happens if an EC Scholar needs to withdraw during a semester?

If an EC Scholar must withdraw from the university during a term, he/she is considered to have used that semester's scholarship funds; no refunds should be expected. If possible, EC Scholars should seek assistance from the Director of the EC Scholars program prior to completing withdrawal procedures. Notification of withdrawal should be made to the Dean of Students, the Office of Financial Aid, and the Director of the EC Scholars program.

12. Will an EC Scholar lose his/her scholarship if he/she withdraws?

If an EC Scholar is withdrawing from the university, the Director of the EC Scholars program needs to be notified immediately by the student. A student's scholarship eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The Director of the EC Scholars Program or the Dean of the Honors College will resolve questions regarding eligibility.

13. May the EC Scholar award be terminated?

Yes, the scholarship may be terminated for the following reasons: failure to maintain academic standards; persistent lack of participation in leadership development or service activities; non-compliance with a program requirement, violation of university regulations; or engaging in other conduct that is incompatible with standards of the EC Scholars Program. EC Scholars are required to follow the Principles of Academic Integrity and the Honor Code.