Faculty 180

Faculty180: Faculty Reporting System

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Chrome, Safari and Firefox are supported by Faculty180.
  • Internet Explorer is not supported. DO NOT USE.
You cannot change directory and profile information, RamSeS data or courses taught through Faculty180.


  • Personal and contact information and current position (profile) are updated through Banner Self Service or Human Resources. See this tutorial for instructions. Login required.
  • Access the RamSeS system to make corrections to that information. Contact your college grants administrator with questions.

  • Records for courses taught are extracted from Banner and uploaded into Faculty180, then linked to the instructor(s) of record. Corrections must be made in Banner – Please contact your College Coordinator with questions.

When viewing your teaching or when pulling your Annual Report, be sure to enter a past term and year that includes the term/year you want to see. Then, click the Refresh button to reload the report with the correct terms and years.

Example: For this academic year's annual report, enter Summer 2017 as the beginning term/year and Spring 2018 for the ending term/year.

Courses are added each semester approximately 10 days after census day.

Yes, one or more files or URLs can be attached to any entry you make.

There is no restriction on file type, but the size limit on files is 750MB. If the file is larger than 750MB, please attach a link rather than the file.

  • To save multiple entries of the same type, use Save and Add Another.
  • To save one entry and go back to the list of entries, use Save and Go Back.
  • To save your progress and continue working on a particular entry, use Save.