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Installation of Chancellor Staton, UNC BOG Award for Excellence in Teaching recipient Patricia Clark, group of Living-Learning Community students
Photo Information: Left - Installation of Chancellor Cecil Staton March 24, 2017; Middle - 2017 UNC BOG Award for Excellence in Teaching recipient Patricia Clark of the School of Theatre and Dance; Right - group of students in the Living-Learning Community housed in Garrett Residence Hall

Information from ECU Business Services

Welcome to East Carolina University! ECU Business Services offers many programs and services for the campus community. Our departments focus on helping you with a variety of functions, with efficiency, convenience, and the highest level of customer service.

Please feel free to call on any of our departments to assist you!

The Business Services website at contains links to all of our departments. Below you will find some quick tips and information to help acquaint you with some of the programs and services we provide.

Dowdy Student Stores

ECU operates its own bookstores, Dowdy Student Stores, to serve the students, faculty, and staff. As a non-profit division of the University, profits are returned via scholarships and donations to campus programs. Over $300,000 per year is distributed across campus via scholarship funds and other contributions. Locations include the Wright Building store, Health Sciences Bookstore in Brody 1S-04, and souvenir sales at athletic venues. We also host online shopping for books, computers, and apparel and can provide off-site book sales for author signings and presentations.

Textbook Requisition Completion Mandate

•  Federal mandates under the HEOA (Higher Education Opportunity Act) require faculty to submit textbook information for each course early in the semester prior to the semester in which it will be taught. 

•  Each year, ECU must report to the UNC General Administration and the ECU Administration the percentage of ECU faculty who turned in their textbook requisitions/adoptions on time for the upcoming term; with a 90% on-time adoption rate. Therefore, it is crucial to submit textbook requisitions as quickly as possible.

•  Instructions for Online Textbook Requisitions are posted online. Courses where there is NO BOOK must be identified as well. As standard protocol, all deans and the Provost's Office are sent a list of faculty who submit textbook requisitions on time. Instructions for preparing a Course Pack are posted online as well.

Online Textbook Requisitions:

A link for instructions on how to requisition your textbooks online is below. Please watch your email each semester for important deadlines. Typically, spring semester book requisitions are due in October / summer and fall semester books are due in February.

Online Textbook Requisitioning Instructions:

Textbook Contact:

Barbara Ward:
Justin Bennett:

Textbook Rentals:

ECU students have the option of renting many of their textbooks through Dowdy Student Store.  Books can be rented or purchased in-store or through the online website. Of course, new or used textbooks can also be purchased in the Wright Building store or Health Sciences Bookstore. Digital options are often available as well. Online textbook ordering is available through the store website.   Students can find their textbook list through the Dowdy website or Pirate Portal.

Course Packs:

Course Packs are a compilation of materials from books, journals, and/or your own worksheets or information, produced through a cooperative effort by ECU Dowdy Student Stores and University Printing & Graphics' Rapid Copy Centers.

For information and instructions for compiling, ordering, and producing a Course Pack, visit our website.

Additional course materials can also be produced including CDs and DVDs.


Shirley Johnson, Coursepack Coordinator:
Doug Hill, Rapid Copy Center Supervisor:

Classes Needing Special Tools and Supplies:

The Art and Supply Departments at the Dowdy Student Stores stock typical school supplies and a wide variety of specialty supplies for students of art, music, and more. Specialty medical equipment or clinical supplies can be stocked at the Health Sciences Bookstore if required. Kits can be created to include all the basic supplies needed for a particular course. If your course requires special tools or supplies, please contact Woody Edwards at the Dowdy Student Store in the Wright Building, (252) 328-6731, or Shannon Tillett at the Health Sciences Bookstore, (252) 744-3450.

Supplies Contacts:

Woody Edwards:
Shannon Tillett (Medical):

Computers & Software:

"The Tech Deck" at Dowdy Student Stores offers a wide variety of computer hardware, software, and peripherals at education discounts. Numerous software programs are available in an academic version at a fraction of the regular retail price. A list of available software is listed on our site as well.  As a faculty member, you receive these academic discounts as well. There is also an Authorized Campus Apple Store located inside Dowdy's Wright Building location.

Contact Chance Kornegay at the Dowdy Student Stores Computer Department for assistance, or to make him aware of any specific software or other technology needs for your students, (252) 328-4360, or the store main number, (252) 328-6731.

Dowdy Student Stores also offers a Trade In - Trade Up program, where trade-in value for gently used, eligible technology products may be available. The value is given on a Dowdy store gift card and can be used to upgrade equipment or anything in the store.

Computer Department Contact:

Chance Kornegay:


Faculty are encouraged, and sometimes required, to attend official university functions such as Convocation and Commencement, and wear academic regalia. Rental regalia is available through the Dowdy Student Stores for these functions. Custom regalia can be ordered through a partnership with Oak Hall Co. Watch your email for campus visits by a sales representative from Oak Hall, with special discounts on custom regalia orders. For more information on regalia, visit:

Textbook Loan Program:

Through a partnership between ECU Vending and the Dowdy Student Stores, the Business Services Textbook Loan Program allows eligible, permanent ECU employees to borrow required textbooks for classes taken at ECU for themselves and eligible family members. In order to participate in the program, specific criteria must be met and a Textbook Loan Form completed for each term. Strict deadlines are set for applying to participate in this program. Full details and downloadable application form are available online:


Student Store Management:

Bryan Tuten, Director:
Bob Walker, Associate Director:

ECU Dowdy Student Stores
Wright Building & Brody Building
Toll-free 1-877-499-TEXT

ECU 1 Card

All faculty, staff, and students are required to have an ECU 1 Card as their identification. The ECU 1 Card Office is located in room G-521 of the Old Cafeteria Complex. There is also a satellite office located in the Health Sciences Student Center, Room 224.

Current Uses:

  • Official ECU identification
  • Campus libraries
  • Access to certain secured buildings and rooms
  • Recreation Center access (with membership)
  • Meal plans
  • Declining balance accounts (money can be added for use in the bookstore and a variety of other facilities)
  • ECU athletic, performing arts, and other event ticket discounts
Full details about how to get your ECU 1 Card, office hours, and more can be found online at: If you have questions, please contact Assistant Director Katie Heacox at


Main Campus 1 Card Office: (252) 328-2673
Health Sciences Campus 1 Card Office: (252) 744-2261

Purchasing/Materials Management

ECU Materials Management has the exclusive responsibility for all purchase contracts entered into for the university, and processing all purchase orders. This authority covers all supplies, materials, printing, equipment and services. The Department of Materials Management is comprised of the Purchasing Office, Central Stores & Receiving, Fixed Assets, Medical Storeroom, ProCard Office, and Surplus Property. Your department chair or dean's office can give you more information about purchasing for your department, ordering supplies, etc.

For basic purchasing guidelines and details about purchasing at ECU, visit the Materials Management web site:

Central Stores & Receiving

Central Stores and Receiving manages the sale of office supplies, furniture, maintenance and electrical supplies. If you have any specific questions, call: (252) 328-9940.

A Medical Storeroom is part of Central Stores & Receiving and furnishes medical and scientific supplies, gases, maintenance and housekeeping items.

Ordering from the storerooms is done through the PORT purchasing system. See your departmental office for guidelines and instructions for ordering supplies.

ProCard (Corporate Visa)

The ECU purchasing card (ProCard) is a corporate Visa credit card in which the liability rests with the University instead of the individual cardholder; however it is under your name and responsibility. Upon approval of the Department Chairperson, a ProCard is issued in the designated individual's name to streamline the purchasing process by allowing credit card purchases of low dollar goods and services. Strict guidelines and restrictions apply. An upgraded ProCard can, in some cases, be used for certain University travel. You may also apply for an American Express Card from Materials Management to be used for travel expenses if necessary.

Questions may be directed to the ProCard staff, (252) 328-6434. Detailed information is available online at:

Surplus Property

Is your office in need of a desk, table, lamp, file cabinet? The Surplus Property warehouse is a great place to start when no funding is available to furnish your office! Items in Surplus can be transferred to your department at no charge, and transported by Moving Services to your office. Please call 328-9941 for appointments and any other questions you may have concerning surplus property.

Looking for used and/or unusual items? ECU Surplus Cash Sale Store has a unique variety of used items available for personal purchase.

Visit the Surplus Property Web site for details:

University Printing, Graphics and Mail Services

Business Cards, Stationery, and Other Printing and Copying:

University Printing and Graphics, located in the Harris Building, 2612 E. Tenth Street, is a full-service printing and mailing facility. Printing orders can be placed in person or online through:
  • Graphic Design
  • One to Full-Color Printing
  • All University Business Cards and Stationery Items
  • Folding, Collating, and Binding Services
  • Labeling and Mailing Services
  • Photography (studio or on-site)
  • Production / Mass Duplication of CDs
  • Variable Data Marketing Materials
CopiServ Copier Management System is responsible for the placement and maintenance of campus copiers. Copiers are located within departments. Inquire within your academic department for any guidelines for copier use.

A Copy Center is in the Harris Building, 2612 E. Tenth Street. Walk-in service for quick copies, as well as high-volume orders for copying, collating, binding, laminating, etc., is available. If online ordering is not used, a signed requisition is required for payment that must include the departmental account number. Cash or personal checks are also accepted.


CopiServ Copier Management: (252) 328-2326
University Printing & Graphics: (252) 737-1301
Copy Center: (252) 737-1301

Mail Services:

Every department at ECU has a mail stop number associated with it which should be used when sending any interdepartmental mail, or when providing your mailing address. Mail stop numbers can be found on the ECU home page / ECU Directory:

Mail is delivered to and collected from university departments, Monday through Friday. A Customer Service mailing counter handles personal and university-related business transactions such as buying stamps and mailing packages. The Customer Service mailing counter is located in Building 43 on Founders Drive. The entrance is adjacent to Umstead Hall.


Mail Services: (252) 328-6091 

Vending Services

Snack and Drink Machines:

Vending machines are located within most buildings on campus. Should you require a refund, one of the bookstores can assist you. Many of the main buildings also have an individual assigned to provide refunds. Call (252) 737-1311 if you have a problem with a machine.

ECU is under an exclusive beverage contract with Coca-Cola. Only Coke-branded soft drinks, including Dasani water and Minute Maid juices, may be distributed on campus, to include any university-sponsored events. Brewed coffee and tea and pitcher water are excluded.