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New Faculty Orientation

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NFO 2016 banner - Primaty gateway to ECU
Photo Information: A hierarchy of gateways has been established for the ECU campus. This is the existing primary campus gateway at 5th Street and Reade Street. Learn more about the master plan for enhancing the campus.

Faculty Senate

Welcome to East Carolina University!

I am very pleased to welcome you to the faculty of East Carolina! As Chair of the Faculty, I am always available to you to help you with any questions you might have as you enter a new phase of your academic career.

The Faculty Senate of East Carolina University is the shared governance body that represents the interests of the entire faculty in matters ranging from curriculum to academic freedom and tenure. In 2015 we celebrated our fiftieth year of working with the administration to build this great university.

Representatives elected by the general faculty comprise the Faculty Senate, along with senior administrators who serve as ex-officio members. The functions, duties, and privileges of the general faculty and the Faculty Senate are stipulated in the ECU "Faculty Constitution," which is contained in the Faculty Manual, and exercised under the authority of the University Chancellor. The Faculty Senate, faculty officers, and the various standing Faculty Senate committees (academic, appellate, and administrative) are the primary venues for our participation in essential joint efforts of the faculty and administration in the shared governance of East Carolina University. The Chancellor, senior Vice Chancellors, and the Chair of the Faculty facilitate communication that enables continuing and effective faculty participation in all aspects of University operations.

Perhaps the best way to become familiar with the Faculty Senate is to visit our website at On the website, you will find documents and materials about all activities relating to the Faculty Senate (including university calendars, unit codes of operation, the ECU Faculty Manual, and standing academic, administrative, and appellate committee structures). I encourage you to visit us online and I look forward to meeting you at the New Faculty Orientation. Please feel free to stop by the Faculty Senate office, located at 140 Rawl Annex (Rawl is across from Wright Place and the bookstore) anytime you have a question or concern that you would like addressed.

Congratulations on your new faculty position at East Carolina University!

John W. Stiller, Ph.D.
Chair of the Faculty
Professor, Department of Biology
Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences