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New Faculty Orientation

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Photo of the cupola and red autumn leaves
Photo Information: The cupola on ECU's campus is a double-sized replica of the domed roof structure that once crowned the top of the original Austin Building, one of the first buildings constructed on campus which was used for classrooms and administrative offices. It was torn down in 1969.
Learn more about the cupola.

Faculty Orientation Planning Team

Chair Dorothy Muller

Director, Office for Faculty Excellence
Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
College of Education
Joyner Library Office Suite 1015
252-328-1426; mullerd@ecu.edu

Trina Baker

Benefits Counselor, Academic Affairs
Human Resources, 210 E First Street
252-328-9889; bakertr@ecu.edu

Jim Bearden

Director, BB&T Center for Leadership Development
1100 Bate Building
252-328-6190; beardenj@ecu.edu

Hui Bian

Statistics and Research Consultant
Office for Faculty Excellence
Joyner Library Office Suite 1015
252-328-5428; bianh@ecu.edu

Cynthia Bowers

Technology Support Specialist
Blackboard Administrator
Academic Computing, ITCS
102 Self Help Building
252-328-9167; bowersc@ecu.edu

Austin Bunch

Senior Associate Provost
Office of the Provost
Division of Academic Affairs
Spilman 111
252-328-0607; buncha@ecu.edu

Marci Copeland

Payroll Office
120 Reade Street
252-328-0445; copelandm@ecu.edu

MaryBeth Corbin

Executive Director
Office of Student Transitions and First Year Programs
210 Mendenhall
252-328-4173; corbinm@ecu.edu

Ashley Cox

Marketing/Web Designer
ECU Parking and Transportation Services
305 East 10th Street
252-328-6656; coxa@ecu.edu

Leslie Craigle

Director of Marketing
Business Services
215 Harris Building
252-737-1310; craiglel@ecu.edu

Debra Crotts

University Marketing, East Magazine
ADI Building
252-744-3808; crottsd@ecu.edu

Yunting Fu, MLS

Information Services Librarian, Liaison to College of Allied Health Sciences
Laupus Library, 2530 Health Sciences Building
252-744-3819; fuy@ecu.edu

Elise Gay

Staff Development Coordinator and Advanced Training Specialist
Office of Staff Development and Training
ECU Physicians Administration
252-744-1925; gaye@ecu.edu

Carl E. Haisch

Director, BSOM Faculty Development
Professor of Surgery
Brody Medical Science 4S-10
252-744-2620; haischc@ecu.edu

Holly M. Hapke

Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Distance Education
Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences
2300-A Bate Building
252-737-1751; hapkeh@ecu.edu

David Hisle

Coordinator of Instruction and Graduate Student Outreach
Assistant Professor
Research & Instructional Services
Joyner Library Office B 300 C
252-328-4978; hisled@ecu.edu

Jeanne Hoover

Reference Librarian - Sciences
Research & Instructional Services
1104 Joyner Library
252-328-2261; hooverj@ecu.edu

Toya Jacobs

Program Specialist for Equity and Diversity
Office for Equity and Diversity
Old Cafeteria Complex Suite G-406
252-737-1087; jacobst@ecu.edu

Christina Jones

Business Officer
Academic Affairs Office of Personnel Administration
215 Spilman
252-328-0903; joneschris@ecu.edu

Alfreda Kendall

Administrative Support Associate
Office for Faculty Excellence
Joyner Library Office Suite 1015
252-328-1426; kendalla@ecu.edu

Susan McGhee

Associate Dean of the College of Health and Human Performance
Associate Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies
Minges Coliseum 72
252-328-0022; mcghees@ecu.edu

Linda Crane Mitchell

Faculty Welfare Committee Representative
Department of Child Development and Family Relations
170 Rivers
252-737-2052; mitchelll@ecu.edu

Andrew Morehead

Chair of the Faculty
Department of Chemistry
Harriot College of Arts and Sciences
140 Rawl Annex
252-328-6537; spraguem@ecu.edu

Jo Anne Murray

Director, Faculty Development and Continuing Education
School of Dental Medicine
Ross Hall 3026 C
252-737-7074; murrayj@ecu.edu

Joyce Joines Newman

Instructional Consultant
Office for Faculty Excellence
Joyner Library Office Suite 1015
252-328-5429; newmanj@ecu.edu

Rhonda Nord

Faculty Employment Manager
Health Sciences Personnel Administration
Brody School of Medicine 2W-33
252-744-5523; fullerr@ecu.edu

Belinda Patterson

Associate Dean
Graduate School
107 Ragsdale
252-328-6012; pattersonb@ecu.edu

Hiromi Sanders

Assistant Research Compliance Officer
Office of Research Compliance Administration
2204 Greenville Centre, 2200 South Charles Boulevard
252-328-9473; sandersh@ecu.edu

Mary Schiller

ECU Staff Senate
Brody School of Medicine
Contact Center Manager
600 Moye Blvd., Rm. 1N16
252-744-1441; schillerm@ecu.edu

Ginny Sconiers

Technology Consultant
Academic Computing, ITCS
Self Help Center, Suite 401-D
252-328-9067; sconiersg@ecu.edu

Wendy Sergeant

Executive Director of Academic Affairs Personnel
210 Spilman
252-328-1416; sergeantw@ecu.edu

Karen Summerlin

Director, Employee Relations and Staff Development
210 East First Street
252-328-9885; summerlinka@ecu.edu