Office of Student Financial Aid

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Award Terms and Conditions


By accepting your financial aid award package, you acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions: 


1.  I must register as a full-time student at ECU each semester. Failure to  register as a full time student by the end of the drop/add period will  cause a revision or cancellation of my financial aid.

2. I must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress toward my degree each year in accordance with ECU’s Financial Aid Policy.

3. I will immediately report additional financial  assistance I receive from outside sources to the Office of Student  Financial Aid.  I understand that if I receive financial assistance from  other sources, my financial aid package may be revised and I will be  notified via my ECU email account.

4. East Carolina University reserves the right to revise my award package if:     

  • Government regulations, university policy, and/or sources of funding change prior to or during the award year.  
  • Over payments occur. 
  • I fail to accept aid within 14 days of notification.     
  • I withdraw from the University.  
  • A change in my enrollment and/or admission status occurs.

5. I understand that disbursements of aid to my Cashier account will not occur until all my tracking requirements are satisfied.

6.  By accepting my financial aid online, I authorize East Carolina  University to credit my Cashier account with the financial aid that I  have accepted. If I am responsible for late fees and/or related  educational costs, I authorize payment of these charges with my  financial aid.

7. I understand that I am responsible for paying my current or previous semester balance before my current aid will disburse.

8.  I understand that I have 14 days from the date of disbursement to  cancel all or a portion of my loan. If I decide to cancel all or a  portion of my aid, I must contact the Office of Student Financial aid in  writing or from my ECU email account.