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COMNITTEE:                     Academic Awards Committee


MEETING DATE: October 3,2002


PERSON PRESIDING:  Jeff Phipps, Chair


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Dot Clayton, Chuck Boklage, Linda Wolfe, Sylvia Henning, Tope Bello, Ed Stellwag, Lauriston King, Hannah Jubran


OTHERS TN ATTENDANCE: Lori Lee, Justin Mallarkey (SGA)




A discussion was held about video taping nominees of teaching awards. Questions raised concerned consistency of quality of tapes, who would be doing the taping, when the tapes were due in to the committee and where would funding be found if we must pay to have the videos done professionally.


Dot Clayton and Justin Mallarkey said they would talk with Jamie Whitehurst of’ Campus Living TV to see about providing someone to do the videotaping. Ed Stellwag brought up that the provost said he would provide finds if necessary.


Dot Clayton will provide names of additional member of ad hoc award committees


Chuck Boklage asked about changing meeting time of Academic Awards Committee. Lori Lee said that all changes to the charge have to go through the Committee on Committees.



Next Meeting: November 7, 2002