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COMMITTEE:  Academic Standards Committee           


MEETING DATE:    August 29, 2005


PERSON PRESIDING:      George Bailey


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:       Bailey, Decker, Bass, Bauer, McConnell, Richardson




OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:        James Smith, Michael Lewis, Catherine Rigsby





Agenda Item:Election of officers


Action Taken: Bailey elected Chair, Decker elected Vice Chair, McConnell elected Secretary, Decker elected as Representative to the Athletics Committee


Assigned additional duties to:




Agenda Item:Establish criteria for ranking of “Experimental Courses for the Liberal Arts Foundations Curriculum”


Discussion:    A need for course proposals to be submitted and taught by “qualified” individuals, that had well-documented expertise and credentials in the intellectual area of the course was supported in general comments by members of the committee. Evaluation of multi-disciplinary proposals may be more complex, but documented expertise is likely to be expected.


Action Taken:            deferred to next meeting





Agenda Item:Establish the relationship between the Faculty Committee for Service Learning and the ASC, including a decision on whether a member of the ASC needs to be elected to serve as an ASC representative on the Faculty Committee for Service Learning


Discussion:    There was some question as to whether the Faculty Committee for Service Learning should be a Faculty Senate Committee. Also it was unclear if the ASC and other committees could perform some service learning items as part of their regular business.


Action Taken:            deferred


ADJOURNED:         3:15 pm


NEXT MEETING:    September 12, 2 PM


ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED:        Define “Experimental”, as in Experimental course for GE; set criteria for ranking of Experimental Courses for Liberal Arts Foundations Curriculum; decide how the Faculty Committee for Service Learning will officially relate to/interact with the ASC