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East Carolina University

Academic Standards Committee

Minutes – 20 August 2001

Present: Michele Sharp, Don Neal, John Tilley, Jim Decker, Nancy House, Dorothy Muller, Bob Christian, Linda Godbold, Sadie Cox, Bob Morrison, and Bob Thompson

Item 1.  Bob Morrison, Chair of the Faculty called the meeting to order at 3:00 and introduced the committee members.

Item 2.  Bob Morrison provided an overview of the charge to the newly created Academic Standards Committee.

Item 3.  Bob Thompson, Interim Vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, presented information and concerns regarding assessment and evaluation.

Item 4.  Election of officers

            John Tilley – Chair

            Michelle Sharp – Vice Chair

            Nancy House – Secretary

Item 5.  The committee discussed business carried over from those committees dissolved spring, 2001, to become part of the Academic Standards Committee.  These committees include Teaching Effectiveness, Writing Across the Curriculum, Admissions and Recruitment, General Education Committee and Honors Program. 

Recommendations from these committees include:

Continued development of General Education, including assessment, goals and objectives, new courses in General Education, clarification of General Education goals and objectives for students, and coordination with the University Curriculum Committee.

The Teaching Effectiveness recommends a status report of faculty development at ECU and other institutions, as well as development of an instrument to peer evaluate those involved with Distance Education.

Making recommendations to the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee that is being reorganized into an administrative committee.  Before the next meeting committee members will review reports from the WI and Honors committees.  

Item 6.The goals and objectives for the academic year were broadly discussed.  John and Michelle will make recommendations at the 17 September meeting.

Item 7.  Meeting agenda for 17 September 2001, 3:00

            Approve minutes

            Discuss WI and Honors committees’ reports

            Discuss Curriculum development and assessment

Meeting Adjourned 4:15.