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(Revised 5-9-06)


COMMITTEE:  Calendar


MEETING DATE: February 17, 2006




ATTENDEES:  Jonathan Dembo, Punam Madhok, Rebecca Powers, John Crammer, Shanan Gibson


EX-OFFICIO:Angela Anderson



The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm in Rawl 142 by John Crammer.   The meetings of the January 20 meeting will be voted on at the next meeting.


The proposed changes to the 2006-2007 calendar (dates for canceling schedules, undergraduate transfer students applying) were accepted as editorial changes.


The form of the proposal for making up lost class days was finalized after separating it from the cover letter and modifying its heading.


The committee then worked on the 2007-2008 calendar.  Rebecca Powers expressed concern about the Memorial Day holiday for classes in first summer session; Student Life (Housing) has stated they have problems with Memorial Day off instead of a one day break between sessions.  Crammer asked whether we should do a survey on this issue early in the first summer session this year.  The committee asked that the survey not be limited just to faculty teaching first summer session this year because some faculty teach different sessions in different years.  Crammer said that he would try to survey the faculty on this issue before the end of the spring semester.  He will ask the SGA for student opinion on the Memorial Day issue.  He will also ask Austin Bunch about the decision by the Executive Council on whether to make Memorial Day a staff holiday.  If the university is closed on Memorial Day, it will definitely be a holiday; otherwise the question is up in the air.  Powers suggested changes to the advising and registration dates for Spring 2008.  Because advising before Spring Break has the problem of students not showing up, the question was posed as to whether or not we could have registration during Founders Week.  It was agreed to modify the spring calendar so that we have Spring Break, followed by Advising Week, followed by Founders Week, followed by Registration (Angela Anderson said that having registration during the first week of a month should not be a problem by that time). This schedule should also allow faculty advisers to spread out their hours.  The committee considered moving Spring Break one week earlier in March but decided to leave it where it is for 2008 (second full week in March).  Rebecca Powers moved (Shanan Gibson seconded) to approve the 2007-2008 calendar as modified.  Motion passed.  The calendar will go to the March 21 Faculty Senate meeting.


Rebecca suggested some changes to the cover letter to accompany the committee’s proposals.  Mary Farwell will have final say on the cover letter because she is representing the committee at the Faculty Senate meeting.


The next meeting will be at 1:00 on a date to be determined by the Faculty Senate’s action on the calendar.  The committee will work on its annual report at the meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.