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1999-2000 Academic Year


COMMITTEE:  Calendar Committee



1.    Membership (include ex-officio members).


Salman Abdulali

David Glascoff         

James L. Smith

Bill Clutter           

Lane Kenworthy

Bob Denney       

Vivian Mott

Layton Getsinger/Scott Buck

Trenton Davis

Brent Queen (student)  

Jon McChesney/Mary Farwell

Karen Elberson

Roger Rulifson   

Gil Moore/Angela Anderson



2.    Meeting Dates (include members absent).


4/4/00      Smith, Kenworthy, Mott, Buck, Clutter,

Davis, Queen


3/28/00     Abdulali, Rulifson, Farwell, Smith,

Kenworthy, Mott, Davis, Queen - no quorum;

information only session


3/20/00     Rulifson (excused), Farwell (excused),

Smith (excused), Kenworthy, Davis


3/7/00      Smith (excused), Kenworthy, Queen


2/15/00     Abdulali, Kenworthy, Queen


2/8/00      Smith, Kenworthy, Queen, Anderson



12/7/99     McChesney, Abdulali, Rulifson, Mott,

Smith, Queen, Moore, Davis - no quorum; information

only session


11/23/99    cancelled


10/26/99    Smith, Queen, Rulifson (excused)


9/22/99     Glascoff (excused), McChesney, Smith,

Kenworthy, Queen, Denney


9/14/99     Getsinger (excused), McChesney, Smith

(excused), Mott (excused), Student Representative


8/24/99     McChesney (excused), Smith, Denney, Mott,

Student Representative


3.    Subcommittees established during the year

(include progress and/or completion of work).


Subcommittees established to:  (A) Review/Revise

Calendar Format - in progress; (B) Prepare 2002-2003

Calendar - partially completed and carried over to

next year; (C) Consider the role of the Calendar

Committee regarding Distance Education - discussed in

Committee and conclusion reached that other

mechanisms are or will be in place regarding the

overseeing of distance education; (D) Determine

adherence to Scheduling Guidelines - report received

from Registrar's Office regarding a high rate of

compliance; (E) Examine using Marketing Research

class to survey campus groups about Calendar -

Marketing Research class declined to serve as a

vehicle for surveying campus community on calendar

issues; and (F) Consider the scheduling of offerings

at non-traditional class hours (by request from

School of Industry and Technology) - discussed and



4.    Accomplishments during the year, especially as

addressed through committee goals.  Include

recommendations made to agencies other than the

Faculty Senate as well as the Faculty Senate.


The Committee discussed the possible elimination of

registration day as a non-class day; the restoration

of the week's break between Spring Semester and

Summer School; the impact of the calendar on

utilities use; and the possibility of a full week's

Thanksgiving holiday.


5.    Reports to the Faculty Senate (include dates

and resolution numbers).


Resolution 99-23, approved October 5, 1999 - Changes

due to Hurricane Floyd


Resolution 00-09, approved February 22, 2000 -

Changing Fall Break, 2000


Resolution 00-17, Approved March 21, 2000 -

Rescheduling Snow Day 1/25/00 to 5/3/00



6.    Business carried over to next year (list in

priority order).


1. Finish 2002-2003 calendar (working backward from

Fall 2003).  It should be noted that the Committee

has already approved portions of this Calendar. 

Target date 11/2000 to report to the Senate all

necessary Calendars for the years 2002 and 2003

(meaning academic calendars for Summer 2002, Fall

2002, Spring 2003, Summer 2003, Fall 2003).


7.    Evaluation of the committee (include anything

that hindered or assisted the committee's work during

the year).


A.    Charge:  No problem


B.    Personnel:  No problem other than attendance


C. Attendance:  Student member Brent Queen, and

faculty members James L. Smith, Trenton Davis

consistently absent


D.    Responsibilities:  No problem


E.    Activities:  No problem



8.    Suggestion(s) to the Chair of the Faculty

and/or Faculty Senate for improving the effectiveness

of the committee.




 9.   Does the Committee's organizational meeting

next year need to be earlier than the date set this

year?    no