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2001-2002 Academic Year






1.       Membership (include ex-officio members).



            Roger Rulifson                       Biology                      

            John Crammer                      Computer Science                                       

            Robert Caprio                       Theatre and Dance

            Charles Calhoun                   History                       

            Stephen Dock                       Foreign Languages

            Ginger Woodard                   Human Environmental Sciences

            Patricia Myers                       Business



            James L. Smith                     Rep. of Chancellor                           

            Angela Anderson                  Rep. of Interim VC for Academic Affairs

            Mary Farwell                          Rep. of Faculty Chair-Biology         

            Chris Ulffers                           Faculty Senator-Music                                 

            Sadie Cox                              Student Government Association              


2.       Meeting Dates (include members present*).   * and members who contributed to committee

action,  but were not at the meeting.

            August 29, 2001

Robert Caprio, Charles Calhoun, Stephen Dock, Ginger Woodard, Patricia Myers, John Crammer, James Smith, Angela Anderson, Mary Farwell


            September 19, 2001

Robert Caprio, Charles Calhoun, Ginger Woodard, Patricia Myers, Roger Rulifson, Angela Anderson, Mike Orr (for Sadie Cox)


            October 24, 2001

John Crammer, Robert Caprio, Stephen Dock, Patricia Myers, Roger Rulifson, Angela Anderson


            November 28, 2001

Roger Rulifson, Charles Calhoun, Stephen Dock, Ginger Woodard, Chris Ulffers, Mary Farwell, Amy Bissette (representing Angela Anderson)


            January 16, 2002

Robert Caprio, Charles Calhoun, Stephen Dock, Patricia Myers, Angela Anderson, Mary Farwell, Chris Ulffers


            February 21, 2002

Roger Rulifson, John Crammer, Robert Caprio, Charles Calhoun, Patricia Myers, Jim Smith, Amy Bissette (for Angela Anderson), Mary Farwell


            March 28, 2002

Robert Caprio, Charles Calhoun, Stephen Dock, Ginger Woodard, Patricia Myers, Angela Anderson, Mary Farwell, Chris Ulffers


            April 25, 2002

                        Roger Rulifson, John Crammer, Robert Caprio, Charles Calhoun, Ginger Woodard, Patricia Myers, Angela Anderson, Mary Farwell


3.       Subcommittees established during the year (include progress and/or completion of work).


4.      Accomplishments during the year, especially as addressed through committee goals.  Please

include recommendations made to any University agency other  than the Faculty Senate that will be noted under #5.

  • Started process of coordinating ECU academic calendars with Pitt County school system and PCC.
  • Modified calendar to fit new contact minutes requirements as mandated by the General Administration to have 750 contact minutes, including final exams, per credit hour.
  • Modified exam schedule for evening graduate level classes to be 7:30 to 10:00 and resolved exam scheduling conflicts for evening classes starting at 8:00 pm or later.
  • Changed length of final exams from two hours to two and a half hours to satisfy the 750 minute requirement for 3 s.h. classes.
  • Changed the time between summer session classes from ten minutes to fifteen minutes.


5.       Reports to the Faculty Senate (include dates and resolution numbers).

  • Change class scheduling guidelines for afternoon classes starting at 2:30 p.m. or later and for evening classes.
  • Modify Fall 2002 calendar to start on classes on Wednesday.
  • Approval of Summer 2003, Fall 2003, Spring 2004 calendars
  • Modify times for summer session classes to have a 15-minute break between classes.


6.       Business carried over to next year (list in priority order).


1.  Update Faculty Senate approved guidelines for calendars and Committee internal guidelines for calendars.


2.  Modify contact minutes guidelines for Fall/Spring/Summer classes to meet the 750-minute standard.


            3.  Establish exam schedule for web-based classes.


            4.  Review Common Exam schedule.


            5.  Consider changes to guidelines for lecture based 4 s.h. classes.


6.  Attempt to firm up communication with Pitt County Schools.


7.       Evaluation of the committee (include anything that hindered or assisted the committee's work

during the year).


          A.      Charge:  No problems


B.        Personnel:  The committee worked well together.


C.      Attendance:  Everyone has done their best.  Faculty teaching schedules limit choices of when the committee can meet.


          D.      Responsibilities:  No problems.


E.      Activities:  The committee created a calendar for the 2003-2004 academic year, as is its charge.  It also used the new contact minutes guidelines to allow a change in the Fall 2002 calendar that benefits the administration, faculty, staff, and students.


 8.       Suggestion(s) to the Chair of the Faculty and/or Faculty Senate for improving the effectiveness of the committee.


Suggest that the representative of the VCAA/Provost be a member of the Enrollment Management Council.


 9.      Does the Committee’s organizational meeting next year need to be earlier than the date set this year?  



Chairperson:    John Crammer


Secretary:   Roger Rulifson