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COMMITTEE:   Calendar


MEETING DATE:  January 20, 2006




ATTENDEES:Jonathan Dembo, Punam Madhok, Rebecca Powers, John Crammer, Stephen Dock


EX-OFFICIO: Angela Anderson, Mary Farwell



The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm in Rawl 142 by John Crammer.   Rebecca Powers moved (Stephen Dock seconded) approval of the December 12 minutes as modified.  Motion passed.  Crammer said that Trey Martindale who is listed as a member of the committee moved to the University of Memphis last May.


Crammer distributed a copy of the draft calendar for Pitt Community College for 2007-2008.  Mary Farwell said she had lost contact with Pitt County Schools in coordinating our calendar with them.  She will give our proposal for 2007-2008 to them.  Our Spring break coincides with the draft from PCC but the Fall break does not match (PCC is using a Thursday-Friday break and the ECU calendar has a Monday-Friday break that matches up with the Thanksgiving break to form a Monday-Friday week).


The committee has received a heads-up from Powers and Ken Wilson (Sociology) concerning the wording of the proposal for making up missed days.  A potential problem is with the statement that the approval of methods for making up missed time (in ways other than by holding a class session) would rest with the to unit administrators. Crammer asked to committee to consider rewording this to allow other methods than those listed on document and this might improve the chance that the Faculty Senate would approve the proposal.  Jonathan Dembo said he preferred keeping the wording as is. Powers said that Ken Wilson is talking on behalf of his department and as a member of a Faculty Senate committee.  Powers distributed a letter from Catherine Rigsby asking us to give guidance as the Calendar Committee  Farwell said that Faculty Senate meetings can be contentious and appreciates their contacting us concerning possible problems.  Angela Anderson agreed that this warning is good for us and the proposal.  Anderson said that since she is not faculty she asked how closely do unit administrators pay attention to what goes on in the classroom.  Farwell said that they do not normally pay attention unless there is a problem.  Powers added that the syllabus must be on file in the department.  Dembo said that History never asked for a syllabus.  Dembo said that he believed that the role of the unit administrator is to protect the faculty.  Crammer said that the unit administrator presents the view of the administration.  Anderson repeated that she is concerned with how closely the administration pays attention.  Dock said that some faculty do not turn in syllabi.  Crammer said that in his opinion the proposal as it is currently will not be approved.  Dembo said that we were not asked to make suggestions of how to make up missed classes.  Crammer said that without suggestions of how to make up missed time faculty would be against the policy if they thought they have to meet class at the indicated time.  Farwell pointed out that our calendar is currently at the mandated minimum of 750 contact minutes per credit hour.  Crammer distributed several possible wordings including the current wording, Wilson’s suggestion, and various versions along the line of Wilson’s wording.  Dock added “as decided by the instructor” to the list.  Crammer asked everyone on the committee to rank the eight choices (1st, 2nd, 3rd, ..., 8th but he was confusing in his explanation of how to do this (each ranking one to eight was to be used exactly once)).  Using the median ranking method, Wilson’s wording was narrowly preferred over Dock’s wording).  The motion to modify the proposal to the new wording was moved by Crammer and seconded by Powers.  Motion passed.  The proposal will go to the March 21 Faculty Senate meeting; Mary Farwell will represent the committee.


The committee next turned to the 2007-2008 calendar.  Powers asked how to check the exam schedule rotation.  Crammer said that the rotations for the exam schedules are in the Internal Guidelines for calendars.  Anderson said that she had changes to two dates.  The Director of Undergraduate Admissions wants to add August 10 as “Last day to apply as an undergraduate transfer student for the Fall term” to the Fall calendar and November 30 as “Last day to apply as an undergraduate transfer student for the Spring term” to the Spring calendar.  The dates would stay the same (Crammer suggested moving to the next Monday when the dates fall on a weekend).  The reason for the change is the paperwork needed for transfer students; Financial Aid is pleased with the changes.  Anderson also said the Cashiers Office would like the internal guidelines to be changed so that the date for cancellation of schedules for the Spring term does not fall on a day when the university is not open; they prefer a date closer to the start of the term.  She was again asked why registration starts right after spring break.  Powers asked about the choice between having no classes on Memorial Day and having a day off between sessions.  Farwell said she preferred having classes on Memorial Day.  Crammer said that from last summer’s survey, the faculty teaching only first session preferred the Memorial Day break.  It was decided to wait to find out what the Executive Council decides about having a Memorial Day holiday for staff.



The next meeting will be at 1:00 Friday, February 17.  The committee will work on the calendar for the 2007-2008 Academic Year.


Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.