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MEETING DATE: April 25, 2006




ATTENDEES: Jonathan Dembo, Punam Madhok, Rebecca Powers, John Crammer, Shanan Gibson, Stephen Dock


EX-OFFICIO: Angela Anderson, Mary Farwell


VISITORS:     None



The meeting was called to order at 3:00 pm in Rawl 142 by John Crammer.   Mary Farwell moved (Stephen Dock seconded) approval of the January 20, 2006 minutes as written.  Motion passed.  The February 17 minutes were corrected to spell Austin Bunch’s name correctly and the wording of the sequence of advising, Founders Week, and early registration was modified.  Mary Farwell moved (Angela Anderson seconded) approval of the February 17, 2006 minutes as modified.  Motion passed.  All the regular members of the committee (except Trey Martindale who left ECU in May 2005 and is now at the University of Memphis) were present for the meeting.


Angela Anderson asked John Crammer to confirm that the dates to cancel schedules for 2006-2007 had been changed to the dates that were accepted by the committee as an editorial change.


The committee next reviewed the changes to the internal guidelines for creating calendars.  Punam Madhok pointed out that in some places the time is indicated by “P.M.” and in other places it is “pm”; the committee agreed to use “pm” for consistency.  Mary Farwell moved (Stephen Dock seconded) approval of the internal guidelines as modified.  Motion passed.


Mary Farwell reported on the Faculty Senate’s actions on the committee’s proposals related to the missed days policy and ’07 – ’08 calendar.  She highlighted the rationale for the committee’s proposals as given in the cover letter. Because a lot was going on from prior meetings of the Faculty Senate, no substantive questions were asked about the proposals. One question was asked about Memorial Day (Angela Anderson responded that the Executive Council had not decided about how to treat Memorial Day for staff employees.).  The committee thanked Farwell for the excellent job she did representing the committee.  Rebecca Powers asked what needs to be done to make the approved policy for making up lost class days known to the faculty.  She asked whether it would be placed in the catalog and pointed out that the 750-minutes per credit hour requirement by the UNC General Administration had been added to the calendar.  Concern was expressed that faculty would indicate they were unaware of the policy for missed days just as some faculty do not know that they have to give a final exam or have some activity during the exam period.  Suggestions to rectify this including having the Executive Council announce the policy; the policy could be placed in the Faculty Manual; and it could be part of the orientation for new faculty.  Anderson asked Crammer to check on the latter two actions.


The committee next worked on the wording of the committee’s annual report.  Modifications were made to the accomplishments (to note that the committee actually created the proposal for making up lost class days rather than just passing on a proposal that was given to them) and to the business carried over (to place consulting faculty, the SGA, and the Executive Council concerning the status of Memorial Day).  Angela Anderson moved (Rebecca Powers seconded) approval of the annual report as modified.


Crammer distributed sample surveys (for faculty, SGA, and individual students) concerning Memorial Day to the committee.  Angela Anderson suggested that the survey be done using Onestop.  Next year’s committee will finalize the surveys and their administration (as part of business carried over). 


Crammer thanked the members of the committee for the accomplishments that were made this academic year.  Punam Madhok and Rebecca Powers are finishing their 3-year terms.  This was the final meeting of the committee for the 2005-2006 academic year.  


Meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm.