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2005-2006 Academic Year


DUE: May 1, 2006


COMMITTEE:  ___UCC_______________


1.       Membership (include ex-officio members).


         Alice Arnold

          Ellen Arnold (co-chair)

          Cheryl Estes (cat. secretary)

          Jan Lewis

          Janice Neil (co-chair)

          Michael Schinasi

          Paul Schwager

Ex-officio members:

Ron Mitchelson

Linner Griffin

David Long

Lewis Warren

Giahanna Parker, replaced by Keisha Dobney (SGA)



Diane Coltraine attended all of the 2005-2006 UCC meetings as a guest. She also worked extensively to review the materials considered at each meeting


 2.      Meeting Dates (include members present*).
* and members who contributed to committee action, but were not at the meeting.


          September 8, 2005:

  A. Arnold, E. Arnold, Estes, Lewis, Neil, Schwager, Warren, Ex-officio:  Griffin, Mitchelson; Guest:  P. Anderson, L. Lee,

September 22, 2005:

 A. Arnold, E. Arnold, Estes, Neil, Schwager, Ex-officio:  Griffin, Long, Mitchelson; Guest: D. Coltraine

October 13, 2005: 

E. Arnold, Lewis, Neil, Schwager, Ex-officio:  Griffin, Mitchelson; Guest: Coltraine

October 27, 2005: 

E Arnold, Lewis, Neil, Schwager, Ex-officio: Griffin, Long; Guest: Coltraine

November 10, 2005: 

A. Arnold, E. Arnold, Lewis, Neil, Ex-officio:  Griffin, Mitchelson; Guest: Coltraine

December 8, 2005: 

A. Arnold, E. Arnold, Estes, Lewis, Neil, Schwager, Ex-officio: Griffin, Long, Mitchelson; Guest: Coltraine

January 12, 2006: 

E. Arnold, Estes, Lewis, Neil, Schinasi, Schwager, Ex-officio: Griffin, Mitchelson; Guest: Coltraine, Rigsby

January 26, 2006: 

A. Arnold, E. Arnold, Estes, Lewis, Neil, Schinasi, Schwager, Warren; Ex-officio:  Griffin, Mitchelson; Guest: Coltraine

February 9, 2006: 

Estes, Lewis, Neil, Schinasi, Schwager, Ex-officio: Griffin, Mitchelson; Guest: Coltraine

February 23, 2006: 

A. Arnold, E. Arnold, Estes, Lewis, Neil, Schwager, Ex-officio: Mitchelson; Guest: Coltraine; SGA: K. Dobney

March 9, 2006:

 A. Arnold, E. Arnold, Estes, Lewis, Neil, Schinasi, Schwager, Ex-officio:  Griffin, Mitchelson; Guest: Coltraiine

April 13, 2006: 

A. Arnold, E. Arnold, Estes, Lewis, Neil, Schwager, Ex-officio: Griffin, Long, Mitchelson; Guest: Coltraine


3.      Subcommittees established during the year (include progress and/or completion of work).  




4.      Accomplishments during the year, especially as addressed through committee goals.  Please include recommendations made to any University agency other than the Faculty Senate that will be noted under #5.


·        Approved numerous curricular changes from all colleges/schools at ECU.

·        Clarified criteria used to judge new and revised courses, including course justification and course objectives. Invited Dr. Michael Poteat to meet with the committee to discuss guidelines for course objectives. Dr. Poteat clarified that there are no external requirements for course objectives that the UCC needs to implement.

·        Maintained and developed the liaison system instituted two years ago, including updating the Undergraduate Curriculum and Program and Development Manual and conducting a Fall 2005 informational seminar for liaisons from each unit.  The liaison system is working very well, vastly streamlining and reducing the work load of both faculty and the committee by helping to insure that course proposals and curricular revisions are complete, consistent, and organized before reaching the committee. Prior to the liaison system, it was common for course proposals and curriculum packages to return to the UCC multiple times before they could be passed; since the implementation of the liaison system, the incidence of this occurrence has dropped steadily over time. 

·        Consulted with Dr. Dale Knickerbocker to clarify the separate charges of the UCC and the EPPC. 

·        Worked out a plan with Academic Programs, in collaboration with the Graduate School, to provide support for the UCC and GCC in the form of posting agenda items and providing master documents of marked catalog copy for use in UCC meetings. 


5.       Reports to the Faculty Senate (include dates and resolution numbers).


   Date of Report to FS       Business Presented                              FS Resolution #


       11/8/2005                       minutes of 10/13/05                                       05 – 44

                                                minutes of 10/27/05

       12/06/2005                     minutes of 11/10/05                                       05 – 46

        1/31/2006                      minutes of 12/8/05                                          06 – 01

                                                            minutes of 1/12/06                                                  

                   2/21/2006                       minutes of 1/26/06                                          06 – 06

         3/21/2006                     minutes of 2/09/06                                          06 – 12

                                                minutes of 2/23/06

         4/18/2006                     minutes of 3/9/05                                            06 – 18 

                                                            minutes of 4/13/06                                                                                                                                                                        

6.       Business carried over to next year (list in priority order).


·     Maintain the liaison model used during the last two years.  Organize information seminar for liaisons and UCC members as early as possible in the fall semester. To prevent potential problems within the liaison system, emphasize that the liaison’s role is as a facilitator who works to see that proposals are properly prepared according to Program Development guidelines and complete before they reach the UCC; the liaison role is not intended to be an additional approval step.

·     Conduct review of the liaison system requested by Faculty Senate Chair early in the fall semester of 2006.  Academic Programs initiated an on-line survey in late Spring 2006 of committee members, liaisons, department chairs, and other involved personnel on the effectiveness of the system. Results of this survey will be included in the report to the senate chair in fall 2006.  If, following this review, the UCC wishes to formalize the liaison system on a permanent basis, it will need to bring the matter before the Faculty Senate for approval.

·     Schedule additional meetings of the committee for Spring 2007.  Since the official catalog is now the online catalog and will be updated more frequently, proposals can be considered throughout spring semester.  Reserve the final meeting of the year exclusively for UCC business.

·     Implement a plan to prevent UCC minutes being approved by the Faculty Senate before they have been voted on within the UCC itself.

·     Determine requirements for undergraduate certificates.  Published criteria exist for graduate certificates, but none for undergraduate certificates.


7.       Evaluation of the committee (include anything that hindered or assisted the

          committee's work during the year).


          A.      Charge: 


At the instigation of Dr. Dale Knickerbocker, the specific charges of the  UCC and the EPPC were clarified.


          B.      Personnel:


The startup of the committee in the fall of 2005 was hindered by the fact that there were only two members of the committee with previous experience and neither member was in a position to be able to take on the time demands of chairing the committee.  A solution was reached by making the vice-chair’s position a co-chair who would share the responsibilities and alternate running the meetings.  This greatly alleviated the time demands and the collaboration also helped the co-chairs assist each other in learning the necessary processes and procedures.


          C.      Attendance:


One committee member had a class conflict and was unable to attend any of the fall meetings.


There was poor student representation on the committee: the first SGA representative provided excellent input into the first meeting she attended fall semester, but she did not return; her replacement attended one meeting in the spring and did not return.


          D.      Responsibilities:



                    The workload of this committee, especially for the officers, is very demanding and continues to grow as the University expands, new programs are created, and old programs are revised to meet rapidly changing needs.  However, the success of the liaison system, the co-chairing of the committee, and the support of Academic Programs and the Faculty Senate office greatly facilitated the workload.  The continued polishing and streamlining of the liaison system and the new plan for support from Academic Programs in preparing meeting Agendas and master marked catalog copy documents prior to meetings should continue to improve the situation.


          E.      Activities:  Normal


8.       Suggestion(s) to the Chair of the Faculty and/or Faculty Senate for improving the effectiveness of the committee.


          The committee is in unanimous agreement that the liaison system and the support of Academic Programs in agenda and catalog copy preparation are essential in enabling this committee to operate in a timely and efficient manner.


9.       Does the Committee’s organizational meeting next year need to be earlier than the date set this year?           No


          If yes, when do you prefer:_____________________________________________


                                                  Signed:  Co-Chairs     ________________________________

                                                                                          Ellen L. Arnold



                                                                                          Janice Neil


                                                                      Secretary   _______________________________

                                                                                           Cheryl A. Estes