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University Curriculum Committee



1.    Membership (include ex-officio members).

Ex-officio member with vote: Don Sexauer, Chair of the

Faculty or Linda Wolfe, his representative; Ex-officio

members without vote: the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor

for Academic Affairs or Caroline Ayers, his representative;

Regular members: Ron Graziani, Thomas Huener, Jo Ann

Jones, Bob Joyner, Dale Knickerbocker, Greg Lapicki,

Tijjani Mohammed, Evelyn Powers, James O. Smith, Carol

Techman and John Whitehead; student member: John



2.    Meeting Dates (include members absent).

10 September 1997

24 September 1997

23 October 1997 

13 November 1997

12 February 1998

26 February 1998

12 March 1998

26 March 1998


3.    Subcommittees established during the year (include

progress and/or completion of work).

Subcommittee to redesign course proposal form--Caroline

Ayers, Linda Wolfe & John Whitehead.


Subcommittee to plan for implementation of electronic

submission Jim Smith, Tom Huener, Greg Lapinski & Dale



4. Accomplishments during the year, especially as

addressed through committee goals. Include

recommendations made to agencies other than the Faculty

Senate as well as the Faculty Senate.


A.  New majors/concentrations or options/minors:  0/0/0

B.  Change degree requirements: majors/concentrations or

options/minors:  16/117/8

C.  Delete majors/concentrations or options/minors: 0/1/1

D.  New courses:  60

E.  Course revisions: 77

F.  Delete courses: 24

G.  Remove courses from the curriculum bank:  24

H.  Place courses in the curriculum bank: 73

I.  Requests for general education credit:  3

J.  Revise catalog descriptive copy:  7

K.  Complete degree program revision[Spanish]:  1

L.  Request authorization to plan -new 

minor[multidisciplinary]:   1


5.    Reports to the Faculty Senate (include dates and

resolution numbers).

Resolutions: 97-32; 97-39; 97-32; 98-8; 98-12; 98-21


6.    Business carried over to next year (list in priority



1.    Implement a plan for electronic submission of

committee matters.


2.    Revise course proposal form to include semester

offered and should this course carry general education



3.    School of Social Work needs to resolve the listing of

ECON 1000 as a cognate as this course has been banked.


4.    School of Human Environmental Sciences has two

minors[ nutrition & hospitality management] that exceed 30



5.    Some teacher education programs do not list all of

the cognates that are required by the state as listed on page

54 of the 1997-1998  catalog. These programs are art,

dance, English, exercise and sport science, French,

German, Spanish, history, health, mathematics, music,

special education and theatre.


6.    Philosophy and Physics are deficient in hours in the

academic concentration [ for education degrees-- listed on

page 219 of the 1997-1998 catalog] due to the banking of



7.    Examine policy for unbanking of courses.


8.    Study issue of approval procedure for 5000 level



7.    Evaluation of the committee (include anything that

hindered or assisted the committee's work during the year).


A.    Charge: adequate


B.    Personnel: Excellent, a hard working group who

readily accepted their responsibility.


C.    Attendance: Excellent, only absences were due to

family emergencies and prior commitments


D.    Responsibilities: The one year catalog has helped to

even out the work load of the committee.


E.    Activities: The laptop computer facilitated the work of

the committee.


8.    Suggestion(s) to the Chair of the Faculty and/or

Faculty Senate for improving the effectiveness of the



1.  The Faculty Senate should encourage units to participate

in the workshops next year.


2.  The committee wishes to remind units that it is their

responsibility to ensure that each committee member

receives a copy of all items brought before the committee.

With regard to items that impact other units letters of

support from the faculty or notification of the unit from

affected programs need to accompany the material sent to

the committee chair and to the rep of the vcaa.


3.  To insure that catalog copy is speedily available to the

Faculty Senate for their approval that all changes will be

also submitted electronically and any changes resulting from

the meeting will be accomplished at the meeting.


4.  Secure name plates for use during committee meetings.


9.    Does the Committee's organizational meeting next

year need to be earlier than the    date set this year?   

_______ yes    _____X_____no