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1998-1999 Academic Year


1.  Membership (include ex-officio members).

Ex-officio member with vote: Brenda Killingsworth, Chair of

the Faculty or Linda Wolfe, her representative; Charles

Bland, chair General Education committee; Ex-officio

members without vote: the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor

for Academic Affairs or Caroline Ayers, his representative;

Regular members: Ron Graziani, Thomas Huener, JoAnn

Jones, Bob Joyner, Dale Knickerbocker, Greg Lapicki, Janis

Shea,  James O. Smith, and John Whitehead.


2.  Meeting Dates (include members absent).

24 September,1998

8 October,    1998

12 November,1998

28 January,   1999

11 February, 1999

25 February, 1999

11 March,      1999

22 April,         1999


3. Subcommittees established during the year

(include progress and/or completion of work).


1. Subcommittee to revise the various submission forms

and make them ready for on line submission.


2. Subcommittee to implement on line submission and

create committee web page. Work of both committees was



4. Accomplishments during the year, especially as

addressed through committee goals.  Include

recommendations made to agencies other than the

Faculty Senate as well as the Faculty Senate.


The committee met its charge in a diligent and timely

manner. The major accomplishment of the committee this

year was to move to an electronic submission process. At

the start of the second semester the committee requested

electronic submission of all items. This dramatically reduced

the amount of paper needed to file a request and further

when coupled with the posting of items on the web site

allowed all university stakeholders to be aware of these



5. Reports to the Faculty Senate (include dates and

resolution numbers).


10 November, 1998             98-30

 8  December, 1998             98-37

23 February,   1999             99-3

30 March,        1999            99-12


6. Business carried over to next year (list in priority



1. Examine current submission forms for ease of

use and submission.


2. Revise current web page for ease of use.


3. Hold workshop on electronic filing of materials.


4. Resolve issues of dual submissions of 5000 level



7. Evaluation of the committee (include anything that

hindered or assisted the committee's work during the



A.  Charge: adequate


B. Personnel: Excellent, a hard working group who readily

accepted their responsibility. Although the method of

submission changed in mid year, the members accepted

these changes well. This caused inconvenience to some

members but they responded well. The members of this

committee always come well prepared and ready to work.


C. Attendance: Excellent, the only absences were due to

illness or other university business.


D. Responsibilities: The one-year catalog appears to have

helped the work load.


E.  Activities: Satisfactory


8. Suggestion(s) to the Chair of the Faculty and/or

Faculty Senate for improving the effectiveness of the



1.  The Faculty Senate should encourage units to

participate in the workshops next year.


2.  The committee wishes to remind units that it is their

responsibility to file items in a timely manner.


3.   The committee wishes to thank the party responsible for

providing name plates for use at the meeting. This has

helped make the presenters more at ease.