2007-2008 Academic Year


COMMITTEE:  Academic Awards


1.       Membership (include ex-officio members).

Belman, Rodger (ex-officio)

Caviness, James (SGA rep)

Chandler, Jim (ex-officio)

Christie, Jessica (secretary)

Dimova, Slobodanka

Dragon, Patricia (chair)

Gemperline, Paul (ex-officio)

Jantzen, Chris

Lust, Bob

Muller, Dorothy (ex-officio)

Powers, Rebecca

Williams, Jennifer (vice-chair)


 2.      Meeting Dates (include members present*).

* and members who contributed to committee action, but were not at the meeting.

9/6/07  Rodger Belman, Jessica Christie, Dot Clayton, Slobodanka Dimova, Patricia Dragon, Paul Gemperline, Chris Jantzen, Dorothy Muller, Rebecca Powers, Mark Taggart, Jennifer Williams

10/4/07  Meeting cancelled

11/1/07  Patricia Dragon, Paul Gemperline, Chris Jantzen, Bob Lust, Rebecca Powers

12/6/07  Meeting cancelled

2/7/08  James Caviness, Jessica Christie, Slobodanka Dimova, Patricia Dragon, Paul Gemperline, Chris Jantzen, Bob Lust, Dorothy Muller, Rebecca Powers, Jennifer Williams

3/6/08  Jessica Christie, Slobodanka Dimova, Patricia Dragon, Chris Jantzen, Dorothy Muller, Rebecca Powers

4/3/08  Meeting cancelled


3.      Subcommittees established during the year (include progress and/or completion of work).

 All subcommittees completed their review of portfolios and award selections on time.


2007/2008 ECU Award for Excellence in Research/Creative Activity



Rodger Belman, Jim Chandler, Paul Gemperline, Chris Jantzen, Bob Lust (chair), Rebecca Powers, Jennifer Williams

Reviewed five nominees for the five year achievement award and one for the lifetime achievement award.  Selected two winners for five year achievement award.  Determined that credentials of current year nominee for lifetime award was not consistent with previous years’ recipients, and recommended that lifetime achievement award not be given this year.


2007/2008 Alumni and University Awards for Outstanding Teaching and the Robert L. Jones Award Subcommittee

Members:  Rodger Belman, Slobodanka Dimova (chair), Patricia Dragon, Liz Ellerbe (Representative of Alumni Relations), Claudio Sibata (Representative of Interim Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences), Cheryl Stevens (Representative of Interim Provost of Academic and Student Affairs)


Reviewed 18 nominees and selected 8 finalists and three winners.


2007/2008 Max Ray Joyner Award for Faculty Service Through Continuing Education Subcommittee

Members:  Jessica Christie,Paul Gemperline,Clayton Sessoms (Representative of Division of Continuing Studies),Karen Vail Smith (Representative of Interim Provost of Academic and Student Affairs)

Jennifer Williams (chair),Xiaoming Zeng (Representative of Interim Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences)


Reviewed seven nominees and selected three finalists and one winner.


2007/2008 Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching

(not an AAC subcommittee, but AAC supplies members to assist in their


AAC members: Chris Jantzen,Bob Lust


Reviewed three nominees and made recommendation.


2007/2008 Board of Governors Distinguished Professor for Teaching 

(not an AAC subcommittee, but AAC supplies members to assist in their


AAC members: Slobodanka Dimova,Rebecca Powers


Reviewed 15 nominees and made recommendations.   


4. Accomplishments during the year, especially as addressed through

committee goals.  Please include recommendations made to any University agency other than the Faculty Senate that will be noted under #5.


We were again gratified by the quality of the applications, and delighted to be in a position to recognize and reward excellence in the endeavors of our faculty colleagues.  Most of our work gets done in subcommittees, and the chair is thankful again for the eager and responsible service on the part of our members, with particular reference to the subcommittee chairs.


One goal we had this year was to improve communication with the nominees regarding receipt of portfolios and status of their candidacy.  We were able to achieve this goal only through the superb efforts of Lori Lee and Dorothy Muller, who between them contacted all the nominees to acknowledge receipt of their portfolios, contacted finalists to request CDs/DVDs, contacted all non-finalists, and ultimately the non-winners, to let them know they were not selected and arrange for the return of their materials.  Thanks to Lori and Dorothy for keeping the communication flowing.


Another goal we had was to acknowledge the research award winners in the academic year that the awards are conferred.  Until this year, winners were not publicly acknowledged and given the opportunity to present their research until the following academic year, and the extremely long time-line led to confusion and frustration.  Again we were able to meet this goal only through the efforts of others, in this case the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, who gracefully agreed to double-up presentations by last year’s and this year’s winners during research week in March 2008, in order to “catch up.” 


In order to continue to publicly acknowledge the research award winners during research week in late March, the selection procedures for these awards (Faculty Senate Resolution #06-07) were editorially amended to read “In December, the Academic Awards Committee will forward the names of those selected for the four awards … to the Vice Chancellor for Research.”


5.       Reports to the Faculty Senate (include dates and resolution numbers).

4/22/08  Academic Awards Committee Response to the UNC Tomorrow Report


6.       Business carried over to next year (list in priority order).  None.


7.       Evaluation of the committee (include anything that hindered or assisted the committee's work during the year).

A.     Charge:  The charge is clear.

B.     Personnel:  The members of the committee are knowledgeable and eager to work. 

C.    Attendance:   All members contributed generously of their time to accomplish their subcommittees’ tasks.  Attendance at full committee meetings, however, sometimes struggled to meet quorum.  Members are urgently requested to make arrangements to attend all committee meetings.

D.    Responsibilities:  Members of the research awards subcommittee expressed concerns about how to evaluate the "impact" on their respective fields of candidates nominated for research awards, particularly when the candidates come from such a huge variety of disciplines.  The group suggested that writers of nomination letters and letters of recommendation should be asked to address "impact in the field."  It was also suggested that in the future, the research award subcommittee may be formed based upon the expertise of committee members in relation to the disciplines of the nominees for that year.

E.     Activities: As always, we appreciated the impeccable assistance of Lori Lee as we pursued our activities for the year.


8. Suggestion(s) to the Chair of the Faculty and/or Faculty Senate for improving the effectiveness of the committee.

The selection procedures for the teaching awards need to have more definite deadlines for the work performed by the Academic Awards Committee.  Because of the need to prepare certificates, engraved plates, and programs for the teaching awards ceremony in late April, the teaching award subcommittees should complete their work at the latest by March 15 (March 1 if possible). 

9. Does the Committee’s organizational meeting next year need to be

earlier than the date set this year?   No.





Chairperson:  Patricia Dragon


Secretary:  Jessica Christie