Board of Trustees Remarks

Janice Tovey, Chair of the Faculty

April 17, 2009

In this time of angst due to our budget, the faculty continue to teach, research, and serve the university and community—business as usual, in fact. But the underlying tensions are clear.


The faculty senate has approved revisions to our procedures for appeals process when reappointment or tenure is denied, have strengthened the provisions in the manual on sanctions against faculty, and made revisions to the section that discusses appointments and evaluations of faculty. Last month, the Senate heard a report from Academic Standards and Admission and Retention Policies committees on recommendations from the Strategic enrollment management task force. The next step is for these committees to revise catalog copy and the faculty manual and to report these to the senate for approval. They reviewed 8 recommendations and supported 6 of the 8. As we approach the end of the academic year, we still have several items to discuss. Our elections for officers and committee members take place on April 28.


I also want to let you know that a group of faculty and advisers along with individuals from the First Year Center have chosen the book “3 cups of Tea” by Craig Mortenson, for the summer reading series. This choice addresses 2 of our institutional assessment goals: global diversity and leadership. The  book tells the story of an injured mountain climber, who attempted to climb K2, the care he rec’d in a remote mountain village in Northern Pakistan, and the schools he built for this village and others to repay them for this kindnesses. The committee is hoping to bring the author to campus.


And, speaking of institutional assessment, that brings me to SACS accreditation. Yesterday you heard about the SACS Interim Report and I hope you will review it carefully. I was privileged e to serve on this committee and collaborate with not only the committee members but the many individuals throughout the university who contributed to this report. And Kudos to Rita Reaves, the chair of this group, and to David Weismiller for their leadership.


I want to thank once again Chair Bob Greczyn and vice chair David Brody for meeting with Faculty Officers to talk about the University Policy Manual and provide us with the background.  I discussed the process at the last faculty meeting and with the Faculty Governance Committee. While faculty generally understand and support the need for this university manual, we also would like the assurance that our role and responsibilities in procedures in which we are the primary advisors to the Chancellor will be maintained.


At the Senate meeting on Tuesday April 21, I will be announcing my plan to organize a committee of faculty, and administrative personnel to research and recommend a new policy for research leaves. I recently learned that most of the schools in the UNC system have such a policy and would like to have ECU included in that group. Since we do not have sabbaticals in our system, this research leave policy would allow for faculty to have a semester off to concentrate on their research agenda.   While we can’t offer these leaves now, my best hope is to have the policy and procedures in place and ready to implement when the budget allows.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for hearing my reports about faculty activities this year, and understanding our concerns as we maneuver through the budget maze.  I thank you for the confidence you have in me and the courtesy you have shown me.


Thank you


Chair April 21

Final exams, leave policy, posting grades, NR

Sois, sacs interim report; policy manual in fall;

Budget task force, SEM task force, joint resolution

Coming to senate for review, revision; opens up discussion

Teaching grants