East Carolina University Faculty Senate


Faculty Senate Resolution #94-20, April 19, 1994


1.         Name: Committee on Committees

2.         Membership:

6 elected faculty members, 3 of whom are elected to the committee by the Faculty Senate for two-year terms at the organizational meeting of the Faculty Senate each spring semester. Ex-officio members (with vote): the Chair of the Faculty, the immediate Past Chair of the Committee on Committees, and the immediate Past Chair of the Faculty in residence, who shall not serve in the event of the reelection of the present chairperson.

 3.        Quorum: 4 elected members exclusive of ex-officio.

4.         Committee Responsibilities:

A.   The committee considers the overall structure of all Faculty Senate committees, the membership of these committees, and continuity within the membership of each committee.

B.   The committee studies and evaluates the functions of Faculty Senate committees and recommends changes in these functions as well as the creation of new committees and the elimination of old committees as deemed necessary or desirable.

C.   At the Faculty Senate organizational meeting each spring the committee recommends to the Faculty Senate slates of candidates to fill vacancies on all committees except Agenda, Committee on Committees, Due Process, Grievance Board, Hearing, and Reconsideration.

5.         To Whom The Committee Reports:

The committee makes its recommendations to the Faculty Senate.

6.         How Often The Committee Reports:

The committee reports to the Faculty Senate each year at the organizational meeting and at other times as necessary.

7.         Power Of The Committee To Act Without Faculty Senate Approval:


8.         Standard Meeting Time:

The committee does not have a standard meeting time.