East Carolina University Faculty Senate



Faculty Senate Resolution #06-29, November 2006


1.         Name:  Research/Creative Activity Grants Committee


2.         Membership:

14 elected faculty members.

Ex-officio members (with vote): The Chancellor or an appointed representative, the Provost or an appointed representative, the Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences or an appointed representative, the Vice Chancellor for Research or an appointed representative, the Chair of the Faculty and one faculty senator selected by the Chair of the Faculty. 


The membership of the committee shall serve according to their disciplinary expertise.  Ideally this would include seven members from the College of Arts and Sciences, with at least two each from Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Sciences/Math, and seven members from the Professional Schools and other academic units, with no more than one from each professional school. Each member shall have demonstrated accomplishment in scholarship, research, or creative activity, as evidenced by data submitted for each person nominated by the Committee on Committees or from the floor of the Faculty Senate.


The chair of the committee may invite resource persons as necessary to realize the committee charge. The chair of the committee may appoint such subcommittees as he or she deems necessary.


3.         Quorum:  8 elected members exclusive of ex-officio.


4.         Committee Responsibilities:

A.  The committee recommends policies and procedures governing the grant  application process, criteria for the awarding of grants, guidelines for the use of research funds, and procedures for annual reporting by grant recipients.


B.  The committee recommends the funding of meritorious research/creative activity proposals. Members of the committee are not permitted to submit proposals for the committee's consideration.


            C.  The Committee reviews at least annually those sections within the University Undergraduate Catalog that corresponds to the Committee’s charge and recommends changes as necessary.


5.         To Whom The Committee Reports:

The committee submits recommendations of proposals to be funded to the appropriate vice chancellor and reports the final list of funded proposals to the Faculty Senate. The committee makes recommendations concerning the policies and procedures governing research/creative activity proposals to the Faculty Senate.


6.         How Often The Committee Reports:

The committee reports to the Faculty Senate at least once a year and at other times as necessary.


7.         Power Of The Committee To Act Without Faculty Senate Approval:

The committee is empowered to make recommendations regarding the funding of research proposals.


8.         Standard Meeting Time:

The committee does not have a standard meeting time.