East Carolina University Faculty Senate


Faculty Senate Resolution #09-08, February 2009

1.  Name: University Environment Committee

2. Membership:
7 elected faculty members. 
(5 from the Division of Academic Affairs and 2 from the Division of Health Sciences.)

Ex-officio members (with vote): The Chancellor or appointed representative, the Provost or appointed representative, the Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences or appointed representative, the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance or appointed representative, the Vice Chancellor for Student Life or appointed representative, the Chair of the Faculty, one faculty senator selected by the Chair of the Faculty, and one student member from the Student Government Association.

The chair of the committee may invite resource persons as necessary to realize the committee charge. The chair of the committee may appoint such subcommittees as deemed necessary by the chair.

3.  Quorum: 5 elected members exclusive of ex-officio.

4.  Committee Responsibilities:
     A.  The committee recommends policies to preserve, improve and advance the general physical
          environment of the University.
     B.  The committee provides recommendations to mitigate the loss of habitat that includes repairing or 
           replacing landscaping of the university that have been displaced owing to planned or unplanned actions.
     C.  The committee makes recommendations relating to traffic flow patterns, hardened sidewalk designs,
           speed limits, and parking facilities in and around the University campuses.
     D.  The committee indexes and recommends policies for maintenance of those trees of significant size and
           type, culturally historic landscape features, and ground covers possessing aesthetic, historic, and/or   
           environmental value.
     E.   The committee reviews potential and actual effect of university projects upon water quality and quantity,
           runoff, and other physical impacts upon the community.
     F.   The committee shall be familiar with the current East Carolina University master plan and intended
           placement of buildings and other construction approved by the Board of Trustees. The Committee shall
           consult with planning officers regarding future land use, changes to the current master plan, and future
           campus development.
     G.  The committee promotes sustainability efforts on campus, which include energy and resource
            conservation, recycling, and the reduction of waste.
     H.    The committee raises awareness of, and promotes, sustainability issues in the curriculum and in faculty research.

5.   To Whom The Committee Reports:
The committee reports to the Faculty Senate its recommended policies, procedures, and other procedural criteria.

6.   How Often The Committee Reports:
The committee reports to the Faculty Senate at least once a year and at other times as necessary.

7.   Power Of The Committee To Act Without Faculty Senate Approval:
The Committee may draft reports, hold hearings, or seek advice as necessary.

8.   Standard Meeting Time:
The committee meeting time is scheduled for the fourth Thursday of each month.