COMMITTEE:     Academic Awards     


MEETING DATE:     Sept. 6, 2007   


PERSON PRESIDING: Patricia Dragon     


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Jennifer Williams, Patricia Dragon, Jessica Christie, Rebecca Powers, Chris Jantzen, Slobodanka Dimova.     


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:    Dorothy Muller, Paul Gemperline, Rodger Belman


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:   Mark Taggart, Dot Clayton.         






Agenda Item:      Notification for Research Awards



Discussion: There was a discussion about deadlines and timely notifications of winners of the Annual Lifetime and Five-Year University Research/Creativity Awards.



Action Taken:     In the initial announcement, Lori Lee should mention that early nominations are encouraged; candidates should receive confirmation that they have been nominated with a timeline for their submissions.



Assigned additional duties to: N/A




Agenda Item:      Subcommittee assignments



Discussion:  N/A



Action Taken:     It was decided to make sub-committee assignments by e-mail.



Assigned additional duties to: N/A





NEXT MEETING:    Oct. 4, 2007 (probable cancellation to come)


ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED:  Subcommittee assignments